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Top Cross browser testing Challenges for 2021



browser testing

During the early years of the internet, people browsed only to access specific sets of information. Thus, the visual aesthetics of the website did not have much value back then. However, things have changed a lot with the advancement of technology. For instance, many companies have started selling various items on the internet. Thus, the websites need to work correctly on every device and operating system. Due to intense competition, none of the companies want to lose their users due to faulty websites. So, it is crucial to perform cross-browser testing on your web application.

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Currently, multiple browsers are available in the market, and every browser has numerous versions available. These are the reasons that make cross browser testing an integral part of modern software testing standards. Additionally, the huge amount of browser fragmentation makes cross-browser testing an essential part of software development projects. This article will present a list of the prime cross-browser testing challenges that the testers will face in simple terms.

Importance of Cross Browser Testing

Cross-Browser testing ensures a uniform performance irrespective of the user’s device and browser. For instance, your company will lose a large audience if your website fails to load wholly or partially in specific browsers. Currently, most of the web vendors use Open Browser Standards for website rendering processes. However, the developers must remember that every vendor has a different definition for this rendering process. For instance, every web vendor has a unique way of rendering Java and HTML codes. Thus, even if you rigorously test your web application on a particular browser, it would not ensure the same functioning on other browsers as well. The only way to ensure uniform functioning is to individually test your web application on every browser.

This rendering feature falls under the criteria of abstract web differences. Cross-browser testing helps to sort all these issues and fix all the compatibility errors in a web application. In simple terms, cross-browser testing prevents the development agencies from alienating a particular segment of the users due to browser incompatibility. It is one of the major reasons behind the rapid growth of cross-browser testing. Now let us look at some of the challenges you might face while performing cross-browser testing. 

The top Cross-browser testing Challenges for 2021

1. Testing on All Browsers and Platforms

As a developer, you must ensure that the application is accessible to all your users. You have to verify that the web application works smoothly on every operating system, browser, and device. Although it seems to be an easy process, it is far from being easy.

Additionally, you also have to check your application’s functioning on various versions of the same browser. Certain browsers might display different errors according to the operating system of the device. You have to consider all of these possibilities while testing your web application for its responsiveness.

Earlier, the desktop was given higher priority, and the mobile platform was considered an optional add-on. However, those days are long gone, and mobile platforms are equally important as the desktop platform. Furthermore, a recent survey suggests that the Global online traffic of 2020 had 51.65% of mobile devices.

A very wise decision is to add different mobile devices and browsers to the same test pool. Additionally, you have to retest your application after a few weeks due to browser updates. Thus, you’ll end up with the long list of devices, operating systems, and browsers for your test bench. In most cases, the browser of every user will update automatically. This new version of the browsers comes with various bugs and changes. Thus, it is necessary to test your web application to ensure smooth and effective functioning. In simple terms, it is impossible to test these features manually on every single category. So, the easiest solution to this problem is to introduce a cloud-based service for Cross-browser testing.

These services help the developers to increase the reach of the testing environment. For instance, we can test the web application on thousands of mobile and desktop browsers simultaneously. Thus, cloud based testing will provide the perfect infrastructure to serve as a Foundation stone to handle all your cross-browser testing challenges.

2. Effective Testing Methods

It is a harsh reality that every team has neglected its application testing at a certain point in the development process. Moreover, due to the time restrictions in all development projects, manual testing can be a bottleneck for your project development life cycle. A developer needs to perform various tests to ensure the quality of the web application. For instance, you need to perform tests like back and front-end code, code-layout deciphering, UX, and performance analysis, along with cross-browser functionality. However, you have to cut down a specific test to meet the deadline due to various time restrictions. This is a crucial decision as you have to ensure the application’s timely delivery while ensuring your company’s quality.

For a planned website testing process, you have to conduct various lengthy operations, which might slow down your overall delivery process. With proper time management and planning, you can perform multiple testing within the limited time for product development. It is an excellent choice to cut down your overall website testing process. You can use this spare time to develop other crucial features for your website. Moreover, you can add various parts according to the users’ requests to gain a better audience base.

The best solution to manage the time limit of a project is to introduce automation testing. You must understand the areas that you can automate to utilise automation testing’s full potential. Automation Testing conducts all the redundant processes of the testing environment and saves the manual hassle behind it. You can choose Selenium to create Automation Testing scripts for testing the application on various mobile and desktop browsers. Subsequently, you can choose a cloud-based service for automation testing to test your application on different mobile and desktop devices simultaneously. This process also helps you to add more Innovation and creation to your testing environment.

3. Various Automation Testing Cases

As we already discussed, Automation Testing helps you to increase the speed of your web development cycle. However, it isn’t an easy process to introduce test automation in your company. Developing and maintaining proper test scripts isn’t an easy process. Thus, your company will not save money during Automation Testing if you do not have enough people to develop the test scripts. Moreover, you will receive inaccurate results with the test scripts that are not appropriately designed and do not integrate with the testing environment.

These challenges are the primary reasons for which you should evaluate your test needs before introducing automation testing. Additionally, you must perform thorough research on your present testing scenario before planning for the upcoming years. There are various scenarios in a testing environment where Automation Testing is not beneficial. In such cases, you will find various other alternatives that can produce better results.

In the current Software Industry, there are various tools available for performing different tasks of cross-browser testing. For instance, LambdaTest is one of the most popular frameworks for performing automation testing in the Selenium environment. This framework allows you to perform cross-browser testing on your websites and web applications. We will discuss more on LambdaTest in the latter part of this article. It is important to choose the correct tool for Cross-browser testing to utilise your testing environment’s full potential. So, we recommend all the companies conduct thorough research on the testing requirements before choosing.

4. Testing all the Screen Resolutions for Different Types of Visual Bugs

It is evident that manually checking all the visual aspects of a website takes a long time. So, many testers rely on live automation testing to resolve this issue. However, it isn’t a simple process to detect all the visual bugs with life automation testing. In manual testing, the testers have to face a long list of categories that they need to add to the testing environment. These are the areas where people start doubting the efficiency of manual testing.

The best solution is to use tools based on Selenium to perform automated UI testing. For instance, the testers can use LambdaTest to automate the UI testing process efficiently. This wonderful framework allows the testers to take screenshots and compare them to ensure visual aesthetics efficiency. Cloud-based services are also an efficient solution to these problems. These services enable the developers to automatically take a screenshot of the web application on various devices and operating systems. So, the developer musts consider the available resources to find the best solution for testing their UI. This process’s primary goal is to ensure that the end-users can enjoy a consistent performance on every screen resolution.


As we already discussed, various tools and frameworks are available for performing automated cross-browser testing on web applications. However, you must choose the perfect application to utilize the full potential of your testing environment. We want to recommend all our readers to try out LambdaTest as a useful framework for automated cross-browser testing. The framework allows you to perform automated cross-browser testing for web applications on a scalable and reliable Selenium Grid. Moreover, the developers can use the Selenium scripts to test the web application on thousands of browsers, devices, and operating systems. It ensures that you can create, test, and deliver efficient websites to your end-users.

The Final Verdict

So, we can conclude that the correct tool can help you tackle all your cross-browser testing challenges. All the issues that we discussed in this article may be severe but not unstoppable. As a developer, you must ensure a seamless process for your website development project. Thus, you must analyze all the problems in your testing environment to find the perfect solutions to them. This is because unless you are entirely familiar with the business motive, you cannot improve it. Lastly, we recommend that all the readers check out LambdaTest as the ultimate solution to all automated cross-browser testing needs.

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Which TV should you get? Top 10 things to consider




Which TV should you get

Television is an inescapable part of modern culture. We depend on TV for entertainment, news, education, culture, weather, sports—and even music. Also with the pandemic and the need to stay indoors, the TV has become all the more indispensable.  

But with the advent of technology and latest features, buying a TV can prove to be a humongous task. After all there are so many screen sizes and models to choose from. However if you are looking to buy a new TV unit, here are 10 key aspects to be considered:

  1. Screen Size

This is undeniably the most important aspect to be considered while purchasing. If you haven’t got the right TV size, you can end up with an over-sized display that dominates your space or a small screen that you have to strain to see. Today TV screens typically range from 24 inch and can go all the way up to 75 inches. A number of factors to be considered include room size, viewing distance and the number of viewers while arriving at the screen size.

  1. Display type

This is the picture quality your TV can produce.  The common displays are LED, QLED and OLED and all of these use LED technology. Old technologies like LCD and Plasma are slowly getting redundant and being replaced by LED. 

The Sony X74 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV powered with 4K processor X1, delivers beautiful picture, exquisite contrast, and noiseless visuals with sharp detail. Its X-Reality PRO picture processing technology upscales every pixel of the content to deliver remarkable clarity and lifelike detail. As a result, it can upscale 2K or Full HD images to near-4K resolution, making them sharp, clear, and natural.

  1. Resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels on the display which can impact the image quality and sharpness. More pixels translate into sharper picture and finer details, so higher resolution is always better. The 3 resolutions available today are HD Ready, Full HD and 4K. If you want to future proof your TV then shelling out a few additional bucks and investing in a top notch 4K TV would be ideal. 8K TV’s are also available in most brands however will be much more expensive.

  1. HDR 

This stands for high dynamic range, a reference to its ability to deliver more colors, more contrast levels and increased brightness. In addition to be being HDR, you must look for refresh rate and picture enhancement technology for enhanced brightness, vivid colours and sharp details for optimising your viewing experience. The Triluminos Display on premium Sony TV comes with sophisticated processors which reproduce more colours than a conventional television.

  1. Sound Quality

Sound output is measured in Watts and higher watts indicate louder sound. Some TV’s also come with special models like Cinema mode, Sports mode etc which adjust the volume for a far more immersive experience. Another feature to look out for is TV speakers with Dolby Digital or DTS Premium. 

Sony TV’s come with Clear Audio + and Clearphase technology which balances audio output, eliminates noise distortions and ensures an immersive aural experience. The 43-inch Sony Bravia KDL-43W6603 smart TV with 20 W speakers supports  ClearAudio+ tech, Dolby Audio, and DTS digital.

  1. Connectivity

Ports enable you to connect your TV to external devices for a seamless experience. The most useful ports are HDMI, USB and Audio out. The SONY Bravia X9500G 138.8 cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV  comes with 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports along with Plug and Play function so you can instantly share photos, videos, music, or any media files from a wide range of devices. 

  1. Design

Today sleek and bezel-free TV units have replaced the bulky units and are aesthetically pleasing adding a touch of luxury to our homes. While TV units have gotten slimmer, it is also important to ensure you buy one that is durable because a TV is a long-term investment. 

X-Protection Pro is a unique feature in all Sony LED TV’s to ensure good durability and support that protects the TV from dust, lightning, surge and humidity.

  1. Smart Features

Smart TV’s enable you to connect through the internet and stream videos, movies and games. It also permits you to mirror your smartphone or laptop on your TV which is a beneficial feature. And when you’re looking at the operating system, Android is the most feature-rich operating system of all the smart TV platforms out there. You should also look for a TV that comes pre-installed with your favorite apps for a true Smart TV experience

  1. Value added features

Certain TV’s come equipped with Multi Indian regional languages so that anybody can choose their preferred language from the selected settings and navigate the TV with ease. The Google Assistant is another feature on most Smart TV’s which allows you to operate the TV with voice enabled commands. The remote control on most Sony TV’s also come with dedicated buttons for Netflix and Youtube for easy access with a single click.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Since a TV is one of the most used appliances in our homes, it is essential to ensure that the heavy usage doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The energy consumption typically depends on the size of the TV and can range anywhere from 90 to 170 watts per hour while operational. The Sony Bravia WE5 Eco line was specifically designed to reduce power consumption by as much as 30 percent without sacrificing picture quality and has sensors that can tell if there are people in the room or not, and can automatically turn the TV off after a set period .

Now that you understand the top 10 things to be considered while buying a new TV, you should choose a brand which first gets all the basics right before adding sophisticated features. Once you have finalized on the TV unit which is perfect for you, you can stay stress-free about the cost. Because when you choose Bajaj Finserv as your trusted partner, your purchase cost gets divided into easy EMI’s which are spread over a flexible tenure. Visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and check your pre-approved loan offer.

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How realme created so much competition between the smartphone companies




How Realme created so much competition

According to reports, realme was the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in Q3 2020. The total shipments recorded were 14.8 million units, which accounts for a growth of 132% on a quarter-on-quarter basis. Consequently, their market share reached 4% in the third quarter.

Hence, it is evident that realme is proving to be a fierce competitor in the world of smartphones. It has even surpassed well-established giants of this sector like Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei to become the fastest brand globally since its inception to touch 50 million shipments.

These achievements are no surprise, given the quality and standard of phone they are coming up with constantly. For instance, the Realme latest phone has some classiest features to attract almost any customer interested in smartphones.

What are the reasons for such a massive demand for realme smartphones?

Numerous factors contribute to making realme one of the most sought-after smartphone brands, thereby generating a tough competition scenario in the market. Some of them are listed below:

  • Value for money

Usually, realme handsets are known for their value-for-money proposition. Several advanced techs are packed in these smartphones, offering tough competition to similar products from other brands. For instance, the realme latest phone, realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G, which costs around Rs.18,000, provides a host of features listed below:

  • Dimensity 800U 5G Processor.
  • A massive 5000mAh battery with 30W Dart Charge feature.
  • AI-enabled Triple Camera, with a primary 48MP sensor.
  • Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Audio.
  • 180 Hz touch sampling rate and 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

Such features are uncommon, especially when considering the affordable price tag this device bears.

  • Reliable after-sales service

A huge reason behind realme’s growing demand is the brand’s trusted after-sales service. The company has already marked its presence in most tier-1 and tier-2 cities. In addition to this, it also offers a hotline number that is active 24 hours and an online complaint system. These help customers further to address their issues to the company.

  • Aesthetic features

The aesthetic features of a smartphone act as a significant factor from a business point of view. realme has invested a lot to make its smartphones look trendy. For instance, the realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G has a 16.5 cm giant full screen with around 90.5% screen-to-body ratio. 

Existing Bajaj Finserv EMI Network members can take advantage of their membership when buying realme handsets. Partner outlets of this extensive network are present across more than 1900 Indian cities, ensuring easier affordability of big-ticket purchases.

  • Classy features

The inclusion of innovative features like 30W Dart Charge, which enables the user to charge the smartphone from 0 % to 100 % in just around 65 minutes, is another reason for the growing popularity of this 6 GB RAM mobile. The brand has made some of the most modern technologies available in phones belonging to the mid-range price bracket.

Besides all these reasons, realme has also undertaken numerous marketing strategies, which have made the brand more popular in the Indian market. 

Purchasing the realme latest mobile phone can prove to be a challenging task financially, even though devices are priced reasonably. However, interested buyers can facilitate the purchase by availing of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Such cards are equipped with a pre-approved offer of up to Rs.2 lakh and allow individuals to convert expenses into No-Cost EMIs. 

Furthermore, the NBFC also extend pre-approved offers, making it more convenient for the buyers to make a purchase. These offers are available for financial products like personal loans and business loans. Buyers can check their pre-approved offer by submitting all the required information.

Such financing options have made big-ticket purchases like the realme latest phone possible for all interested individuals.

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Why Governance in Identity Security is often a Challenge?



In this article, we will read about the reason why Identity Governance is often a challenge for IT professionals. We will also provide some solutions that can be used to ease the challenge that IT professionals face.

According to some surveys and polls, governance and role management is the most common challenge that organizations face. Around 52% of people said that this is the most common challenge for them in the governance of identity.

Why is governance in identity security so challenging for IT professionals? What can they do to ease their labor?

Why is Governance in Identity Security challenging?

Identity governance refers to managing digital identities and their privileges. These identities are of anyone who is associated with the system or resources of your organization. Through Identity Governance, IT professionals are able to give certain privileges to employees or users.

This helps a business to know how much privilege a certain user has, how they are using their access and whether those privileges are required for that role.

This might be a little more difficult than it sounds. Knowing all the digital identities, managing them according to their roles, and keeping check of their privileges, can be challenging at times of critical situations. You also need to keep track of their activities so that no unauthorized process is carried by them.

Managing all this is very challenging if you choose to be like those companies that keep track of these things using an Excel spreadsheet.

How Identity Governance can help?

Businesses also need to make sure that their data is secure without creating any privilege-related problems for any employee or user. This is where Identity Governance helps.

Identity Governance lets your IT security team have access to the most needed resource, visibility. They can track, limit, and revoke certain processes or privileges anytime. This way your business remains safe by giving the least number of privileges to employees and users.

With this automated system, manual labor decreases, and the work efficiency of the IT security team increases. Later on, you can categorize different roles for your employees with needed privileges according to their job titles. Whenever a new employee joins, you can give them the role which already has all required privileges, it reduces effort and keeps your system safe alongside making sure that each employee has the privilege that they need to be productive.

Identity Governance is the next step for you to be more secure against cyberattacks, data breaches, and other online threats that an organization may face in today’s time.

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