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Things You Need to Know About T-Shirt Copyright Before Designing Your Own



You will undoubtedly have tons of great ideas for custom t-shirt designs. But are they authorized to use? You have sent your latest t-shirt collections for printing, only to find out that you can’t use them because your printing designs have been copyrighted.

You are probably thinking, “nobody cares about it.” There are several t-shirt printing businesses that are using copyrighted prints and designs all the time.

It’s sounding ordinary to you, but that doesn’t mean you will never be caught. You will certainly don’t wish to receive a cease-and-desist note regarding your newly launched or bestseller custom t-shirt collections.

Consequently, it’s essential to know everything about t-shirt copyright before designing your own.

What is Copyright?

It’s quite tricky to find who owns a particular design, print, or idea. The government has imposed several laws to adequately define what concepts belong to whom. We are not going deep into the law section, you can research it online for yourself. The main concern is, copyright is a process to set criteria for ownership of something which is perceived as intellectual property.

Here intellectual property refers to artistic works, ranging from music, paintings, and books to databases, software, and blueprints. So, basically, the word “copyrighted” means that the producer owns all the rights to who can use it, particularly when somebody is using it for profit.

For example, if you are writing a book for kids with the title “ Harry Potter is back in town”, then you are violating JK Rowling’s copyright on the legendary Harry Potter character, and the label based on it. So, if you are mentioning or using Harry Potter as a character in your book, you need to take written consent from Ms. JK Rowling.

Now, here we have listed some assets that you can’t use without permission.

Assets you unquestionably can’t use without the consent

Logos:  You can’t use somebody else’s logo without consent, No matter whether it’s from a game, school, sports team, and other businesses as well.

Images:  You can’t use images of clubs, movies, the artwork of sports teams, books, bands, universities, and games. You can take the help of a t shirt maker tool to create unique designs that will help you to stay away from copyright issues.

Characters: You can’t use or print comic characters or characters from your favorite books or movies without consent.

Viral Content:  You can’t use memes designs, viral content, and videos without permission. We know it’s strange but it’s true. You can hire an organization such as Designhill to create copyright free and attractive artworks for your t-shirts.

Non-commercial image:  You can’t use the pictures that are not listed on search engines for commercial use.

What is a Trademark? And why its importance?

Trademark material is basically an intellectual property that helps differentiate one brand from another. And this could be anything such as a symbol, slogan, brand name, or logo.

Mostly you will see a trademark symbol on things. However, that doesn’t mean you can use anything that doesn’t have a trademark or copyright symbol on it.

If you want to keep yourself away from copyright hurdles, then it’s always good to ask for permission to use pictures or prints designed by somebody else in your t-shirt. Even if you didn’t find any trademark or logo at the time you design the t-shirt, that doesn’t mean you are free to use that image or design.

In case, if the original creators register a trademark and get approval for their designs and images, they can sue you, even if you have used their designs before they had their trademark approved.

Images that you can use

You must be wondering are there any pictures we can use without getting sued?

Certainly, there are! Here are a few kinds of images  you can use without any worry:

– National Flags

– National figures

– The pictures of political figures

– Coats of arms

Such types of pictures are free from copyright issues, which mean you won’t get prosecuted for utilizing them in your t-shirt design. However, that doesn’t mean you can copy somebody else’s designs and images with the national flag, symbols, or anything else.

But, there are some images and artwork that you can use without needing specific consent from the producer.

Public Domain

There is a particular type of artistic work where the laws of particular intellectual property are not applicable. And it’s called the Public Domain. In such types of cases, the intellectual property claims have been dismissed (generally by the producer), abandoned, or have terminated.

That’s true, copyrights have a confined time limit!

As per the United States copyright law, any work produced on or after January 1, 1978, is copyrighted for:

1. The life of the creator

2. Seventy years after death.

Anything that survives 70 years after the death of the creator goes to the public domain. And everybody can use it easily, along with any type of content that existed before the launch of copyright laws. This means a lot of creative things available in the public domain.

However, the public domain is not just about old stuff, you will find some creative works willingly shared by some creators.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is basically the name of a non-profit organization whose purpose is to expand the number of artistic works accessible for others to utilize and distribute legislatively.

Various creative commons licenses are accessible for everyone to claim for free. Every license permits producers to define which rights to their work they possess or reject.

What if I Use Trademarked or Copyrighted Works?

To be honest, if a copyright owner finds that you’re utilizing their stuff without any permit, you’ll get a cease-and-desist note from them, either through email or post.

This message will inform you that you have violated their copyright or trademark policy and shared use material without their consent.

After that, your t-shirt with copyright designs can’t be sold, and the future production of these t-shirts need to be stopped immediately. Furthermore, if you have also used copyright designs in your advertising or promotional material, then you need to remove them instantly.

Besides, you need to provide the complete details of the remaining stock of the materials in breach, along with the sales and profit you have got from them.

You will definitely don’t wish to experience one of these.


Choosing The Correct Shapewear To Achieve Your Desired Body




Choosing The Correct Shapewear To Achieve Your Desired Body

Looking perfect in an outfit is the passion of every woman. But the fact is that not everyone has the ideal body and most women dread wearing their preferred outfits simply because their bodies don’t make it simple for them. But whether you are buying with weight gain or are not just as fearless with your belly or thighs, shapewear can bring you that perfect attention in a moment.

FeelinGirl store offers a smoother figure instantly. As long as you have chosen the right piece for you, you will look much slimmer without a need to lose weight. The garments also smooth your body, ensuring that the fats are distributed perfectly attractively contouring you. You do not need to bother about bumps and lumps when wearing the exact body shaper. Other benefits of body slimmer include fighting cellulite and resolving panty line issues, especially with figure hugging clothing. But to enjoy all the services, you must get the best shapewear for you.

Get the right style. Shapewear comes in different types and it is essential that you choose according to the problems you want to correct. For instance, a bodysuit will handle your butt, love handles, and tummy whereas a camisole will shape your tummy and love handles. You can also go for a high waisted shaper shorts if you wish to streamline your belly, butt and legs, whereas tummy tuckers are for the tummy, waist and love handles. Corsets are some of the most popular shapewears but shorts and panties are also very popular in achieving the desired shape.

Get the right size. Aside from guaranteeing you get the best style, you should secure that the size is just sound. The wrong size can conflict with your body posture, digestive method and leave you very difficult too. A smaller size will only start to fat spills, bumps and pain whereas a bigger size than the actual size will not help in any way to fulfill your dream of choosing a body slimmer in the first place. Start by understanding your size and then pick accordingly. If you are plus size, you will get a plus size corset or plus size underwear to work the magic for you.

Try before buying. If possible always try on the shapewear before going ahead with the purchase. You should always do a sit test to determine just how comfortable your wear is especially if you intend to wear it for long periods. If you feel uneasy and stiff when sitting, then the size is wrong. When buying online plus size waist trainer for women, make sure you have all the measurements correct and use the size chart. If you are not sure, be bold enough to ask for assistance to make the right choice. You also want to find out what the return policy is so that you know you are covered just in case something goes wrong with your selection.

The best shapewear whether it is a waist trainer, waist shaper or body slimmer should fit you perfectly and give the desired shape results. Know your needs and your size to find the perfect shapewear for you.

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This is how you should Purchase Jewellery Online



Online shopping has now become part of everyday life and that is why we can buy jewelry online in addition to cosmetics, perfume and fashion. There are many advantages, but unfortunately also disadvantages, as we know from our own experience. The number of jewelry stores is growing where quality is in short supply. In which shops it is better not to buy jewelry online can often be seen quickly on closer inspection. We would like to report on this today and give you tips about buying jewelry.

Does the operator of the online shop, such as Swaraj Shop in Mumbai pointed to its local branch, this is a very good sign. Especially when it comes to a jeweler who may even have been selling jewelry as an owner-run business or traditional craft business for decades, you seem to have made a good selection.

In the webshop, click on the “About Us” page and look out to see if the jewelry store offers other services besides jewelry sales such as:

  • Their History
  • Their Goals
  • Their Vision
  • And why you should choose them to buy an online jewellery

A trustworthy provider will always provide information about its advantages, its local location and its corporate philosophy in order to gain the trust of its customers. So that you can buy Artificial Earrings Set Online.

Take a close look at detailed images and enlargements

If you want to buy jewelry online, take the time and take a closer look at the product photos. Use the magnifying glass function, zoom in. Do the prongs hold the stones securely? Are the necklaces soldered? Or were product images used in which the critical points (armlets, bracelets, stone settings) are not shown?

Choose necklaces made from a wide variety of materials 

Surprise your partner and draw attention to your neck decorated with a perfect necklace. In the online artificial jewelry web store, everyone chooses the jewelry exactly according to their ideas. Would you like to make your leisure outfit more expressive or would you like to be an eye-catcher on a special occasion? Choose necklaces made from a wide variety of materials – timeless gold or silver plated, popular stainless steel or stylish rubber. Thanks to the different styles in the collections of online web stores have, you can always add the latest pieces to your jewelry collection. When choosing our collections, you always find the current trends, with an emphasis on quality at an affordable price.

Best Gift Ideas come from jewellery

There is no need to repeat that jewelry is one of the most popular gift ideas. What could be more original than a charming antique necklace set online with the name of your loved one? If you are always following the latest fashion trends, you will certainly not overlook the range of antique and beautiful necklaces with playful pendants of various shapes that will perfect your leisure or business outfit. The Bridal collection is full of interesting gold and silver plated jewelry with decorative pendants of various geometric shapes, floral designs or symbols that will make them your favorite talismans. Are you looking for something that is more glamorous? The range of necklaces with diamond pendants or pendants with precious stones offers you many options.

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Doing Your Own Pedicure At Home: 4 Easy Steps



Our feet can tend to get quite rough with constant walking, harsh weather conditions as well as the fact that we ignore them so much and give them the least amount of attention. But worry not! By investing in some skincare and nail care products you can give yourself a salon-quality pedicure from the comfort of your own home.

Here is the list of things you will need

  • Nail clippers.
  • Cotton pads or pads.
  • Nail polish remover.
  • Cuticle cream or oil.
  • A nail filer.
  • A loofah or a pumice stone.
  • A good foot scrub as well as a moisturizer. 

You can easily find all of these products at a nail supply store close to you. Say if you reside somewhere near West colonial in Orlando you are sure to find nail supply west colonial easily 

Now that you have your products, follow our easy step-by-step guide and give yourself a professional pedicure at home. 

Step 1

Firstly, you will need to trim, clip and shape your nails. Remove any old nail polish or fake nails you might have on with the nail polish remover. While trimming make sure your trim properly and prevent cutting the corners too deeply, as this can cause painful ingrown nails. Using a nail filer give your nails the preferred shape. 

Step 2

Now that your toenails are trimmed and filed, soak them in warm water.  You can also add in bath salts at this point as well as any essential oils if you prefer. If you prefer you can add in some small pebbles, and rub your feet on them while they soak. This way you can hit and relieve all the pressure points in your feet and massage them as well.  Soak your feet for at least 25 minutes and then dry them off with a soft towel. 

Step 3

Once you are done washing your feet, you can move on to exfoliating. Start off by rubbing cuticle cream or oil into each toe nail and let it sit there for at least 5 minutes. Meanwhile take a pumice stone and gently scrub away at the dead and hardened skin. Next, wipe off the cuticle cream and start working on your cuticles using a cuticle pusher and trimmer. 

Step 4

After scrubbing and exfoliating wash your feet again and now it is time to moisturize them. Using your favorite moisturizer or foot cream, massage your feet and toes well. Not only will this step help hydrate, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin but massaging also helps stimulate nerve endings in your feet, improve blood circulation and strengthen foot muscles as well. 

Now essentially your pedicure routine ends at step 4, but if you want to take it up a notch and decorate and paint your toe nails then please do! 

Starting off with a base coat and then using a nail polish of your choice, you can also use stencils to paint different designs on your nails, we are sure you can find your favorite pick in nail supply store on colonial.  But make sure to apply thin coats of nail polish and letting each coat dry before you put on another coat. 

Other than having regular pedicures, make sure to take care of your feet by investing in comfortable and soft shoes that are made of good materials. Tight, uncomfortable and substandard shoes can give rise to corns and calluses on your feet which can turn out to be quite painful at times. Wearing breathable 100% cotton socks is also another way of ensuring the skin on your feet stays healthy and doesn’t get irritated. Also make sure you take time to “put your feet up”, constant walking or strenuous routine that involves putting constant pressure on your feet can cause your feet to swell up so it is crucial you take brief breaks from your routine to relax and massage your feet. 

At the end of the day, a healthy diet also promotes healthy feet and toenails. Eating a diet that is rich in vitamins and other nutrients as well as drinking plenty of water will ensure your feet stay soft and healthy.

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