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Spaced Repetition – The best Method to Learn and Memorize Something



So how do we really retain what we have learned? You need to give yourself time to digest what you learn. The lesson from the marathon study is that if you want to remember what you’ve watched and read, how to figure them out. I used to be very upset at school when an English textbook only let us read three chapters a week, but there is a good reason for this.

Memories are strengthened as you recall them, Horvath said. If you read a book from start to finish for a continuous period of time – on an airplane, for example – you only keep that story in your working memory at that point in time. “You never really approached it,” he said.

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Spaced Repetition Method

Continually returning to the information you want will keep it with you. I often find that when I learn something interesting and write about it, I can recall information more easily than when trying to recall something I read in a book or article somewhere.

Sana thinks that normally when reading, there is a mistaken “feeling of fluency”. The flow of information flows in and we understand it as if they are smoothly piecing together themselves into a solid book and then put on a bookshelf in our brains. unless you put effort into it, focus and implement certain strategies that help you remember. ”

People might do this when they research or read something work-related, but it seems rare in their spare time to take notes of Gilmore Girls (a Netflix comedy series) to ask themselves about after. “You may be watching and listening, but you are not listening and listening,” Sana said. “Which, in my opinion, is what we’re doing most of the time.”

If you’re researching for a test or trying to learn a complex formula/concept, keep coming back to that information again and again. Each time you return to a topic that you are working hard to understand, the more you reinforce the idea into your long-term memory.

Take a few hours and try to recall without looking at any of the documents. If you have trouble, reread the formula/concept and try to remember it again in a few hours. The more you practice, the more you will be able to store and recall in the future.

Scott H. Young is a blogger who has challenged himself to find an answer to the question: “What is the best way to learn?”. He believes that learning is the key to living well, and has explained the problem of people often forgetting what they read by offering an effective solution.

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How to Memorize

When we read books, we do not actively participate in the material we read. Our eyes go through each letter, and most of us spend our time and energy on identifying points that come up.

Unfortunately, this practice of recognition is almost the only thing most people do when reading a book. When reading a book, most of the time you spend identifying the points raised. You rarely have to naturally recall an idea in detail. If you are reading a good book, you may never have to recall anything because a good writer knows that recalling is difficult. So they often repeat the statements so that you do not make mistakes.

So, after you’ve finished reading the book, suddenly you want this knowledge to become available in a state of recall. You want it to be available in a discussion with a colleague when answering a question on a test, or in decision making, you want to be able to summon information that you previously only practiced at the level of recognition.

Following this pattern, it’s no wonder most people don’t remember much of what they read in books. It would be absurd to expect readers to know every word and every idea the book entails. Our memory is flawed. But many of us feel disappointed to discover we forgot many parts and ideas throughout the book as soon as we folded it.

Scott Young proposed an idea: Questioning Method

Whenever you read something you want to remember, take notes. Except, don’t make a summary of the main points you want to remember. Instead, take notes by asking questions. If you want to practice with this article, you could write down the question, “Q: What are the two different methods of memorization?” and the answer will be “A: Recall and identify.”

Then, while reading a book, quickly go through and check on yourself with the questions you posed in the previous chapter. Doing this will strengthen your summoning memory so that when needed you can recall information more easily.

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Role of E-Commerce in the Food Industry and Food Business




The food business is flourishing and becoming more popular than ever before. Many people are linking their business to the food sector. Food is an essential part of life, and people love to go out and eat.

 New restaurants are opening every day. Now restaurants are also offering delivery services. Due to improvements in E-commerce, the business of food is expanding exponentially. 

It’s no wonder that the food industry can be a choice for entrepreneurs. The food industry is extensive and consists of several components. Each component adds value to the whole chain by improving the sustainability of products. The food trade has been extended over the years.

The food industry consists of a complex network of activities that includes supplying, consuming, and catering food products. The services are expanding across the world.

A massive number of workers are connected with the food industry. The food industry provides billions of jobs around the world.

Demand and Supply Drives of Food industry

Many factors are heightening the demand in the global industry, including health awareness and wealth distribution. People have different lifestyles; the eating trends have also changed. Now people have less time to cook at home, nor they can spend hours cooking.

The majority of people eat from restaurants or food stalls every day. Ready to cook food is available everywhere. Home delivery services have come out to be a new business that is extending to a new level. The competition in the food sector is very high. The quality of the food chain, competition in the industry, and targeting consumers is outing a lot of pressure on the food industry.

Food Delivery Business and E-commerce

With business on the rise and change in lifestyle, it has become very convenient for people to get food on their doors. E-commerce has provided a new high to business; many food applications have been developed through which people can order any food online through food applications.

According to the latest research, the food delivery business has become a major trend among consumers. There has been a great demand for restaurants that overdeliver services.

In the past, food delivery services were not part of any restaurant, but depending on the trends now, restaurants have evolved. There are many ways the consumer can order their food. You can order any food you are craving for either you are looking for south Indian fast food near you or Chinese. Everything will be on your doorsteps in just a few clicks

Many people are taking advantage of modern technology. Most people use the internet to find new restaurants. A great number of people take help from online research in choosing a restaurant.

Both consumers and companies are taking full advantage of E-commerce. Consumers use a combination of search engines to review the restaurant’s consumer point of view and the food they are offering.

Many social sites have become a great source of advertising for the food business. People make a decision on social media pages about their food preferences.

Restaurants are using SEO techniques, social sites, and making websites for online exposure to their products. You can order any food item through the various applications. If you want to eat south Indian food, all you need to do is search south Indian fast food near me on google, and a list of south Indian food items will be visible on the screen.

According to a survey, 36% of food and beverage sales comes from E-commerce platforms and the trend of packaged goods on the front door will continue and expand.

Adoption of E-commerce

Due to a positive review of E-commerce, more companies are looking to adopt these methods, and data has shown E-commerce to act as fuel in the food business. The stressful companies who were not having good sales have developed E-commerce strategies.

It is very obvious for people to depend upon online applications and online business. Consumers want streamlined means of browsing and ordering their favorite food items online.

The trend for E-commerce is not just limited to restaurant delivery services. Many grocery online stores have been developed with the help of which people can order all grocery products online.

You do not need to spend so much time at the food market looking for spices and grocery items. You can go to the online grocery store and add your required product to the cart. The products will be delivered to the doorstep. They provide both cash of delivery and debit card service.

The online system has shown to be beneficial for companies; also, companies can look up to review consumers online and do amendments in their products. Connection to the consumer through social media or websites helps them improve the buyer’s accuracy and satisfaction.

A deeper look at online grocery and e0commerce reveals that sales have risen to 40%. All food sectors are enjoying the perks of modern technology.

Future of Food industry

Consumer behavior in the food industry is transforming thanks to E-commerce. It is helping the food industry to grow at a new level. The value of food delivery has crossed billions.

Numerous consumers are using an online platform for ordering food. Consumers’ awareness of online sources has shifted them towards the digital world. 

The food industry is continuously evolving and changing according to consumer demand. Many establishments are being settled, and all kinds of services are being provided to customers.

However, there is a need to manage information before improving the quality of delivered food because food items are perishable; therefore, the delivery system through an online source must be very efficient.

The online sales portal; should stay up to date. It should be fully integrated to provide all the services accurately. Online platforms require proper time management, and the website must stay optimized to provide the best experience to customers.

E-commerce is on the rise, and it will continue to grow thanks to the great digital network and an increase in the number of online buyers. It is very clear that there is plenty of growth potential in E-commerce and the food and beverage industry. Either it’s about the wholesale food market or restaurant chains, the online trend is expanding. E-commerce, no doubt, has come out to be a great addition to the food business. 

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The Reasons why Homeowners look to buy Furniture from Online Stores




People are always looking to upgrade their personal living space and enhance the luxury and comfort of the house. Fortunately, we live in a technologically advanced world where rapid advancements have given way to a wide array of modern and sophisticated furniture that can significantly improve both the interior and exterior space of your house.

The Need to Buy House Furniture

There is a wide range of furniture options essential to fulfill a certain purpose in the house. The number one reason is providing the necessary comfort while sitting, relaxing, and sleeping. The type of sofa, table, chairs, or bed you place in the house reflects your personality and style.

You may feel the need to change the furniture when remodeling the house or when the furniture has gotten old and requires constant repairs. The newly married couple who dream of settling in a new house mostly look to buy exquisite furniture that compliments their style and fulfills the requirements.

Buying a house is quite difficult, but purchasing the right amount of furniture can be stressful. Traditionally people used to buy any furniture they liked, but now trends have changed, and people buy tables, chairs, sofa, closets, beds, and other furniture according to the interior space and particular style.

Usually, people went to brick-and-mortar stores and spent considerable time before selecting the best furniture, but in recent times, many homeowners are finding shopping for furniture online quite convenient. Not only are we living in an e-commerce driven world, but the growing Covid-19 outbreak has added to the need for shopping online.

The Growing Popularity to Buy from Online Furniture Stores

Many furniture brands already know the importance of running online stores and selecting different furniture for those who cannot physically visit the stores. Few aspiring young furniture designers have limited resources but know they have quality artistry and, through online shopping, can manage to make an impact.

When moving to a new house or remodeling your house, you need to consider buying from the best online furniture stores US where you can find the most extravagant recliner, kids cabinet, contemporary sofa set, or Victorian style bed. The reasons why you should look for buying online furniture are

  • Variety of options

The first and foremost reason to buy from online furniture stores is the amount of variety you get. The physical furniture stores are quite big, and it can be tiring to explore one store while you can access multiple online furniture stores within half an hour.

With just a few clicks, you can browse through the wide assortment of furniture displayed according to particular categories such as beds, sofa, chairs, tables, cabinets, closets, and even exterior furniture.

  • Convenience

Online shopping saves you the trouble of driving your car across town, looking for space to park the car, then searching for the right furniture, and then returning home. You can sit in a room and order the furniture you want to buy. You can write a keyword and get the results rather than spending time going through different categories.

  • Make an informed decision

The online furniture stores offer a wide range of styles, designs, materials, and color options for the furniture, making it easier to make a decision. Many times while physically shopping, a sofa set may attract you, and you make an instant decision to buy it only to find out that it is bigger for the intended space.

You can always take measurements of the room and then browse online and order the furniture that accurately fits the interior or exterior space. The online stores have become quite advanced and offer various features to help people decide, such as ‘Zoom In and Out’, color options, and price comparisons.

  • Choose according to a particular style

If you remodel your house, then you surely would like to put the furniture that you thought of while renovating the interior space of the house. On the online stores, you can go through different styles from classic, contemporary, urban, and modern. You do have to compromise on the design, quality, and price of the unique furniture pieces.

You can easily pick the furniture piece according to the style and design you want. You can also compare one sofa’s upholstery and the wood style of another sofa and then choose the best option.

  • Discounts and Deals

The brick and mortar stores seldom offer discounts and look to not only pay for the cost of storage but also look to make profits. On the other hand, online furniture stores offer frequent deals and discounts as there are fewer overhead costs, and the materials can easily be sourced from the suppliers.

  • Easy returns

One of the best online shopping features is that one can easily ask for a replacement or refund if the product’s quality is not satisfactory. The option of returning the product or getting a full return of money tempts many potential furniture buyers.

Tips to Consider when Buying Furniture from Online Stores

The best online furniture stores not only sell furniture but also help many homeowners in making the right choice according to the design or style they want. Many talented design consultants can guide homeowners to pick the right choice of the furniture piece and which can improve the curb appeal of the house.

You can browse through different online furniture stores, but some of the tips you need to consider are

  • Pick the best time to buy the furniture at an affordable cost
  • Consider the price of the same furniture piece in brick and mortar store
  • Measure the space of the room accurately
  • Read through the customer reviews
  • Make sure to read the shipping and return policy

The rapid integration of digital technology is adding new features to the online shopping experience. Gone are the days when people used to rely on stock images as now popular furniture brands are introducing virtual or augmented reality that can help people place the furniture in their house virtually and then make a purchase.

You only need to install the digital application of the furniture store and then point the camera of the smartphone or the tablet on the interior space and then insert virtual objects such as tables, chairs, shelves, and beds. The modern trend is also buying modular furniture that allows you to install and place the furniture piece easily. The modular option also allows you to uninstall the furniture easily and move it to another place in the house.

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The majority of homeowners believe it is preferable to have kitchen cabinets as the fundamental requirement of their home. Although kitchen cabinets are nothing more than just wooden boxes having doors, shelves, or drawers, they should be regarded as an integral part of the furniture in a kitchen.

While pondering on renovating the entire house, one should not forget about kitchen cabinets. It would be best to make your kitchen cabinets match with the rest of the home; they should be as advanced as the other furniture in the kitchen and home. Just as the other items of the furniture in your home, your kitchen cabinets should be foundational and solidly built as it can play a major role in signifying the persona and style of its owner and the rest of the house. A professional kitchen construction expert can help you provide useful guidance in order to enhance the overall look of your home.

Below are certain types of cabinets you cannot miss from having in your kitchen:

Stock Cabinets

Once you have made your mind about getting new cabinetry, you might want to consider some factors. Firstly, would you want to outsource the entire work to a kitchen renovation company, or you’d need to do everything by yourself? Whether you want to get your cabinets readymade from a big store in order to get a good discount but compromising on the longevity and goodness instead of getting them custom made.

Stock is generally not wood, and they also offer the least prices, but they also come with the fewest options for choosing, and you are generally left in a take it or leave it situation. You might also have to do construction around your stock cabinets if they do not fit your needs later.

Custom Cabinets

These custom cabinets are pretty popular among homeowners because of the fact that this type is built from scratch by expert craftsmen or artisans who are well aware of what they are doing. The artists that do this work take it seriously and are skilled, which gives you the confidence of only receiving the best. Only the highest quality material is used in construction and with expertise.

There are a few reasons for having custom kitchen cabinets:

  1. Stock cabinets are designed to fit one type of space and might not be suitable for you; this type has a standard design. This is one reason you might want to go for custom cabinets, as they are designed to fit your style and requirements. Your taste and interior will be the priority while a custom cabinet is designed.
  2. This type of cabinet is usually made to last long and have good endurance. The experts of kitchen cabinets take pride in their work and deliver you a product with longevity, durability, and quality kept in mind.
  3. The style, shape, size, and dimensions are personally chosen by you. Stock cabinets are how they are, whether they fit your kitchen or not. But custom cabinets give you the freedom to choose every single thing about them and are made that way.
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