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QuickBooks Error 1722



QuickBooks Error 1722 is one of the most common error that occurs while installing the software.QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit which is used in small and medium size companies.Although QuickBooks is known as a very handy and user-friendly software but you may also get some errors when you try to run,install or open the software. If you want more information then contact QuickBooks Support .

There are many types of errors in QuickBooks and one of them is Error 1722 which is a very common error and occurs due to several reasons.this error makes the system slow an you system will start to freeze again and again.In this article about the causes due to which this error occurs and how to fix it.In this blog, we will discuss both types of QuickBooks whether its desktop version or QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Reasons of QuickBooks error 1722

QuickBooks Error 1722 occurs when the program is installing or running on the system.It also occurs during windows startup and shutdown.Sometimes other programs maliciously delete or erase files which are related to QuickBooks.If the user failed to install the software or the installation is not complete then we can also face this error.So,the installation must be completed while installing the software.Also,if there are any kind of malware or virus infection then his can also leads to the corruption of windows system files and the QB 1722 can occur.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1722

When the user encounters with the error code 1722 then it may be followed by these following symptoms:

  • When this QuickBooks Error 1722 occurs it apparently crashes the active program window.
  • When this error occurs then your system will start to crash frequently with error code 1722.
  • Windows starts to respond slowly for each keyboard input and mouse,it is definitely the symptom of QuickBooks Error 1722.
  • QuickBooks Error 1722 will display on your screen.
  • Your system will start to freeze frequently for a few seconds at a time.
  • This error will occur at the time of program installation windows startup or shutdown etc is also a symptom of QuickBooks Error 1722.

Steps to fix QuickBooks error 1722

 Error 1722 is an error that generally occurs in the run-time environment.This error can be rectified by various methods like you can restore the previous point of windows at which the QuickBooks software is working properly.You can also clean the installation of your quickBooks,By this you can re-install the software and fix the error.The Window repair tool is also an option to fix the error.QuicksBooks also helps you in doing the same like it provides you a tool known as QuickBooks repair tool by which you can repair the QuickBooks software and fix the error.

Ways to fix QuickBooks software error 1722

  • Using QuickBooks Repair Tool:This tool is provided by the QuickBooks software which helps you to fix the common errors.
  1. The first step is check the location of QuickBooks file.If you already know the location of QuickBooks file click on “Select File” option.If you don’t know the QuickBooks file location select “Search File”.
  2. You can see the customer related options by clicking on the “Customer” button.
  3. Click on the “Vendors” button if you want to see the vendor’s information.
  4. For getting employees related information you can click on the “Employees” button.
  5. Now you have to click on the “Repair” button, a “Save as” dialogue box will appear on the screen , now select version and the path.
  6. Now if the repair process is completed successfully you will see a message on the screen as “Repair process completed successfully”.
  7. Click on “Ok” and the close button to close the box and you are done.
  • Using Windows Repair Tool:This error can also be fixed by repairing the window by using windows repair tool.
  1. The first step is to repair the Registry Entries associated with the Error 1722.
  2. Then you have to do a full malware scan of your system.
  3. Now clean your system like all the temporary files and folders and then Update QuickBooks software.
  4. Then you have to update your system device drivers.
  5. Now uninstall the previous version and install the updated QuickBooks software.
  6. Run windows system checker and update all windows updates.
  7. Apply a clean installation of windows.
  • Clean Installation of QuickBooks:
  1. The first step is to open the Run Box by pressing windows + R key.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl and then click on “OK”.
  3. Now ,choose the QuickBooks version from the item list and then click on uninstall the software.
  4. After completing the uninstallation you have to download the software QuickBooks clean install.
  5. Then you have to install the software by running QuickBooks clean.
  6. Now install the QuickBooks software and restart your system.
  7. Repair the framework and follow the procedure as below:
  8. Close all the QuickBooks programs which are running.
  9. After that you need to download a repair tool known as QuickBooks component Repair tool.
  10. After completing all the downloads just restart your system.
  • Using System restore:
  1. The first thing is to click the windows start ioption and find the “System Restore” option by searching it.
  2. Now the system will ask for the administration password.
  3. A set-up wizard will pop-up on the screen.Follow the instructions shown on the wizard and select a restoration point as per requirement.
  4. Once the restore process is completed you can start your QuickBooks software.


In this article you will learn about the QuickBooks Error 1722 and the different ways to fix this error.There are mainly four ways that are described above in the article by which you can fix the error.Some of the ways are automic that lets you to solve the error with the help of some tools like QuickBooks software tool which is a tool of QuickBooks software that fix the the error while the other is Window repair tool that is an inbuilt Window tool which cleans the files and repair the software.Apart from that there are some manual ways like cleaning the installation of Quickbooks or restore the software to some previous versions on which the QuickBooks software is working properly.

With the help of these solutions you can easily fix the QuickBooks software Error 1722 and use the software without any issues.

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Best KYC Solutions: Having a Look at eKYC and Video KYC



To prevent and protect from frauds, businesses are using know your customer KYC solutions. KYC is the procedure of verifying a person’s data as needed by a business. The type of verification depends on the requirement of businesses. 

Types of Verifications by KYC Solutions

Below is the type of verifications performed by KYC solutions.

Facial Recognition

The verification of the facial biometrics of a customer is known as facial recognition. The facial features and characters are matched between the given two data sets. It is just like a smartphone unlocking, where a user opens his phone screen by just showing a face to the front camera. The use of facial biometrics is rising over time, it has replaced fingerprint biometric systems. It also complies with the social distancing protocols by giving touchless verification results. Unlike an eye scanner, there is also no need to have a particular camera or special light. Facial recognition is the most reliable and secure approach when it comes to identity verification.

Document Verification

The originality and the information on the documents are verified and validated respectively in the document verification process. The authenticity of the document is checked by examining and analyzing the special features of the paper. The original papers have some characteristics that make them different from fake ones. Fraudsters use fake, false, and illegitimate documents to bypass the document verification system. As the KYC software is AI-powered, it can spot all types of fraudulent attempts easily. 

Documents undergo multiple checks before being verified. When a document is verified the details are extracted from it. Those details are extracted that can help in the verification of a customer like a name, date of birth e.t.c. For extracting information KYC checks has character recognition technology i.e. OCR. It has the capability of extracting data from all types and scripts of fonts and writing styles. It just needs an ordinary image of the document for data extraction. 

Address Verification

The validation of the address data given by the customer with information on the document is called address verification. It is confirmed that the address really belongs to the customer who is claiming. Also, the address actually exists on the map and is not fake. 

Address verification is very useful when it comes to delivery and shipping companies. They have suffered huge losses due to returned and failed deliveries. The proper and standardized address helps in the accurate and timely delivery of parcels. The time that was first lost on understanding falsely given addresses can now be reduced to a negligible level.

Age Verification

Some businesses need their customers to fall within an age limit. For this, age verification is used that checks the age of a customer. Online pharmacies use the age verification solution the most. The age is confirmed by analyzing the current date and date of birth.

Methods of Performing KYC


It is also known as online know your customer solution. The verification is done by the AI-powered software in this method. The mode of verification is online and remote. The customer just has to upload his face picture and identity document. After taking data from the user, the above verifications are performed.

Video KYC

This verification is performed by a human expert (KYC expert) over a video call. This is also known as video interview KYC, the customer has a live interaction. The expert reviews the document and facial biometrics through a video camera.

He might ask questions from the customer to verify the live presence of the customer. Spoof attacks and deep fakes can be spotted by the AI behind the live video. It alarms the human expert that the video is a fake

Summing It Up

Both the above KYC solutions are reliable and adaptable for businesses. E-KYC is a more evolved technology while video KYC is an extended one. The levels of security are high in video KYC also the customer interaction is better. Video KYC has also the facility of verification proof that can be used in the future. Customer engagement is improved and much enhanced in video KYC. 

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Tips to Protect Your System From Cyber Attacks




Protect Your System From Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks on websites, businesses and universities are increasing with time. In 2021, it is required to take major steps to prevent all types of cyber attacks. A small hack on your system can make a huge impact on your business. 

We heard many businesses have to close their work due to cyber attacks. Many US universities have got cyber attacks on their research division. Also, cyber attacks on Corona vaccination research is a common thing nowadays. Staff training, timely updation of softwares, using quality VPN services like NordVPN for privacy protection, data backup and strong passwords are some of the ways to increase security of the system. Here we will give you the top tips for preventing cyber attacks.

Update software and tools

All software give updates for specific reasons like better security, bug removals, better user experience and more. Systems with old or expired versions of software can get more cyber attacks then totally updated systems. Cyber criminals can easily find weaknesses in old versions of software they use. You can do notification on for all the software updates.

Login of employees

When you are in business then make a security system so that each employee has its own login and passwords. Do not make a single login password for the whole team. If you use a single login then there are more chances that these details can be leaked. Also, you can not find due to whose mistake this all things happen. Also, all employees will blame one another if any mistakes happen. If all employees have their separate details then he or she will not disclose it to any third party. You can also monitor all logins with your system.

Installation of Firewall

Using Firewall is one of the most effective ways of securing a system. Firewall will detect any attacks by force on your system. So always check that your Firewall should be on.

Wifi Security

Wifi is the most preferred way to hack the whole system by cyber criminals. Nowadays, working from home and working remotely, these both terms are trending. Most of the businesses give work to their employees remotely. If your employees use public wifi to work remotely  then it can be dangerous for your system.

The best way to protect your system while using public wifi is Double VPN. It is impossible to hack the system that uses double VPN as in this system data transfer happens with two VPN servers. Normal VPN is also useful for data protection.But, the Double VPN will give more protection to your data.

Data backup

Are you ready for cyber attacks on your business system? Be prepared before you lose all the data. Get help from a good IT security company and do arrangements for daily backup of your business data. So, after making all protections, if anything happens then you can find yourself safe with back up of all the data. You can get a big loss of money if you lose all the data and you have no backup.

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Learning management system: All you need to know about.



Employee learning must be a continuous priority for organizational leaders to maintain a more educated and efficient workforce.

This goal can be achieved by selecting the appropriate learning management system (LMS). The LMS can be installed as a stand-alone application on the company’s server or as a cloud-based platform hosted by the software company.

The simplest LMS has a core functional platform that allows administrators to upload learning content, deliver lessons to students, send out updates, and share data with approved users.

An LMS is typically accessed via a web browser and is protected by a safe sign-on method. This allows students and teachers to access classes on the go, while administrators and leaders can keep track of student progress and make adjustments. 

Importance of learning management system training- 

  • Training plays an important role in an organization’s development, from implementing organizational policies to building knowledge competency and enhancing workforce efficiency. With the advent of digitization, new learning management systems (LMS) are transforming how businesses train their internal and external workforces, including channel partners, clients, suppliers, and others.
  • When it comes to meeting the training needs of a variety of audiences, it’s critical to choose from among the best learning management systems in India and around the world.
  • Most businesses are now established as a significant investment to connect between talent growth, employee engagement, and organizational success. The main goal is to use corporate training as a strategic tool for improving overall employee efficiency, expanding company scope, and staying ahead of the competition. 
  • The ability to provide training when it is most required and with pinpoint accuracy is the essence of good training. It is difficult to keep track of any of these criteria in traditional training. Traditional training is highly reliant on becoming a one-on-one process and the physical presence of a trainer. This is problematic on two levels. First and foremost, the precision and quality with which the training is delivered (since a trainer may be inconsistent on different dates with different batches of learners). Second, rather than waiting until training is open, get trained when you need it.

Both of these problems are easily addressed by an LMS. The effectiveness and accuracy of training can be developed, validated, and evaluated. It’s saved on the LMS website, so students can access it when it’s most relevant and timely. This improves the effect of the training offered by nearly 60%!

Who needs a learning management system?

Learners – Learners use the frontend to complete the training modules that have been allocated to them. They can watch videos, participate in quests, win virtual prizes, and monitor their progress. They use forums (such as Clubs) to socialize and keep up with company news on social media.

Administrators – Administrators will push and pull content from the LMS’s backend. They also recognize awareness gaps and provide learner reports. They will produce reports on departments, completion rates, and a variety of other topics.

So what is it that the LMS companies in India have to offer?

  1. Shezartech – The company offers its clients eLearning solutions, with a focus on game-based learning, web-based learning, and mobile learning. They develop immersive and engaging strategies that assist businesses in achieving their main business goals.
  2. G- cube solution – It’s an eLearning company with a lot of experience in the LMS space. They specialize in eLearning content and technology, as well as custom eLearning content, instructional design, and consulting. Wizdom Web LMS and Wizdom Room VCR are two of the company’s other products.
  3. Zeus learning – Corporate training, content, and courseware creation, application development, and custom LMS and CMS development are all areas of expertise for the Mumbai-based firm. Additionally, they include flash application programming, animation, and art design, application and content porting, and mobile device programming.
  4. Vstacks infotech – For quite some time, the company has been involved in the eLearning and LMS landscape. The knowledge aids the organization in developing and designing immersive and engaging end-to-end LMS solutions for businesses of all sizes. The app excels not only in terms of a user interface but also in terms of features.

Why and what is centum learn pro?

Centum LearnPro® is more than a Learning Management System (LMS); it is a smart kit that combines a “learner-centric strategy” and “best-in-class eLearning technologies.” With the rivalry and businesses dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, it’s more important than ever to be prepared.

Is it becoming more and more expensive to attend classroom training?

You can have more than just classroom training with Centum LearnPro. It has the following benefits:

  • Value for money. 
  • Entry to information on-demand, at any time, and from any location.
  • Complete customizations are available based on your requirements.
  • Personalized Mobile App.

Do you want to ensure that your staff is continuously learning and improving?

For your staff, Centum LearnPro LMS is more than just a learning platform.

  • Custom workflows
  • Real-time analytics
  • Reliable-proven service

How can L&D strategies be more effective?

The Centum LearnPro LMS improves the efficiency of learning and development:

  • As part of a personalized kit, custom reports are available.
  • Scalable–The solution is available as a web application as well as a smartphone app (Windows, Android, and iOS).
  • Flexible–A front end that can be changed when required, reducing dependencies.

Is your employee retention and engagement even a possibility?

For your staff, our LMS becomes a smart learning partner.

  • Higher level of retention
  • Microlearning is achieved through the acquisition of nuggets of information.
  • Material is raining down on the tips of your fingers.
  • Higher level of engagement.

Once the need for an LMS has been established, the decision-makers must form a task force of key internal stakeholders to choose the best LMS. Our team of experts is always eager to assist you in making an intelligent decision.

Centum Learning has educated over 1.5 million people worldwide, including over 2700 learning and growth experts with domain experience in 21+ industry verticals. It was also named the #11 Great Places to Work® in India for 2019.

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