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Designing an Outstanding Circle Logo for Your Brand In 2021



circle logo

If someone randomly asks you to visualize a logo in your head, 90% of you would have created a circular logo.  Well, it is because many big brands, websites, and businesses have always preferred choosing Circle Logo Templates for the effect it leaves on the customers. Circle logos are simple yet amazing. They remain with you. A person immediately feels connected to a circular logo with Logo Maker that is why circle logos are quite common these days.

Five reasons why to use circle logos

We are still wondering why to create a circle logo for your brand? We have discussed the benefits and reasons as to why circular logos are a splendid option.

  1. A circle is known to be the fundamental shape of the universe! It is a shape with no sharp edges, no beginning or end. A circle is complete and wholesome in itself. It is a closed entity with no hooks and corners.
  1. According to psychology, the shape of a circle evokes tranquillity and a sense of security in the human mind. We know it might sound strange, but it is true, customers tend to find a circular logo more reliable than other shapes.
  1. A circle is a splendid combination of art and design. A circle logo looks far more artistic, exquisite, and classy as compared to the other shapes.
  1. Circular shape logos are known to build the foundation of trust, friendship, and love. Just as a ring is the foundation of the beginning of a new relationship, a circular logo creates a foundation for new customer relations.
  1. Due to its exemplary effect, a circle logo is more prone to draw the viewer’s attention.

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Circle logo examples and designs

Let us see some prominent circle logo designs and how they can help your brand.

Rainbow circle logo 

Using rainbow circle logos has been a common trend for a long time. Rainbow circle logos require minimum designing as the colors are catchy enough to grab someone’s attention. A rainbow circle logo looks elegant yet bright. Any type of brand can use these logos. A famous brand that uses the rainbow circle logo is Picassa. Their logo is aesthetic and attractive.

Red and white color round logo

When it comes to logos, red and white color logos remain a prominent choice for many brands. Red and white is a flashy color combination that suits most types of businesses. The combination looks subtle yet enduring. A simple example of a red and white color round logo is the logo of Pinterest. A perfect red circle with the letter P written in white color looks great for the brand. Vodafone, Texaco, Virgin Express, LG, Rexel are some other famous brands using a red and white round logo.

Colorful circle logos

What is a logo without colors? A colorful circle logo is a trivial type of logo. No matter what color you use, a colorful circle logo will always stand out of the crowd. Colorful circle logos are an instant hit. Some examples of colorful logos used by top companies are Google, Mozilla, Burger King, Microsoft, and others.

Vintage circle logos

Show the charisma of your brand by an authentic vintage circle logo. There is a charm in classic logos that attract customers. Vintage logos stand for themselves, especially for specific brands. Some super famous brands using vintage circle logos are Levis, Jack Daniel’s, and Coca Cola.

Circle logos with text

A circle logo with text is ideal if you want to showcase your brand name in the logo. It is an excellent option to design a logo. Circle logos with text make it clear and easy for the customer to know and remember your brand not just by the logo but also by the name. Some great examples of logos with text are Starbucks, Nasa, HP. The Starbucks logo is a gorgeous logo with a perfect blend of colors and a pinch of retro style. 

Double circle logo

The double circle logo is a common choice in big brands. Not only it looks classy and elegant but also inviting. The double circle logo calls for power. Double circle logos can experiment in different ways to produce a unique logo for your brand. The brands using such logos will be flooding in your mind. To mention a few- the gorgeous international brands like Chanel and Gucci use the double circle logo. Also, car brands like BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi use double circle logos.

Cool circle logos

A glorious brand name and company require a super cool circle logo. Templates are available online to create your cool circle logos very conveniently. Some brands having cool circle logos to take ideas from are- Pepsi, Xbox, Spotify, Accelrys, Yamaha, Lays, and many more.

Subtle circle logos

Your logo does not have to be too bright or cluttered to catch the attention of potential customers. Subtle and minimal logos are known to steal the show. A sober circle logo will always suit your requirement, look decent, and please the viewers’ eye. Some subtle circle logos used by brands are WordPress. A basic blue circle with bold and big ‘W’ letter written on it looks classic and brave at the same time. More such logos include Nivea, Dell, Hp, Uber, and many more.

Geometric circle logos

Not only geometric logos look very luring but also aesthetic. Geometric logos are a perfect choice if you want a modern yet minimal logo for your brand. Different angle geometries along a circle look sophisticated and meticulous. Any brand can design and use this style of logos. 

Spawn your circle logo design

Now that you know why a circle logo is crucial for your brand’s visual integrity let us discuss some tips to create an ideal circle logo.

When we say a circle logo is a great choice, we do not mean only a circle with some text or color. The round logo should be designed and presented in an alluring way. 

Here are some tips and tricks for you to design the perfect logo

Know your audience

You cannot just go ahead and design a logo out of creativity. A logo is nothing but a visual representation of your brand. The logo should be catchy but also should match the purpose of the product or service offered. The initial step is to know your target audience. Will your target audience be teens, adults, or kids? Choose accordingly. While teens run for funky and catchy logo brands, the adults would be attracted to a rather subtle one. 

Make a meaningful logo

A logo should preferably be consequential enough for the customer to predict your service. Giving a reference to your logo in a hidden way is a smart move and is often appreciated by the customers.

For example, the beat headphone’s logo is a basic orange circle with a white-colored ‘b’ written on it. What catches attention is that the ‘b’ also depicts a headphone. So above are some of the smart choices you can make when it comes to logo designing.

Do not clutter

A logo should be simple and easy to adapt in one’s mind. Do not overdo your logos with too much text or graphics. Take a look at the logo of Spotify, the logo is simple, attractive, and catchy with minimal design. The three sound waves fully connect the logo to being a music service.

Maintain harmony

An attractive logo does not mean an asymmetric logo. The logo should have perfect consensus, be it with colors, background, images, or text. The logo should balance the vital elements whether it is big or small. The symmetric logo will look more stable and reliable than a loud logo. The tranquility of a logo increases with symmetry, and hence it will become more attractive. For example, the emblem of Picasa, even with so many colors it displays perfect harmony. 

Visual Hierarchy

Most people start designing a logo without any ideas in mind, and as they start designing, they start finding different elements to fill up the empty spaces. It is not the right method to design a logo.

The idea and elements of your logo should be clear in your mind to extract the most from your logo. You should decide what all you would like to display on your logo like the name, a symbol, establishment year, or anything of your choice. For example, the Heineken Beers logo covers the quality of the beer, name of the brand, a trademark, and that all too in a minimal space with considerably curved alignments of text.


The circular shapes of the logo depict stability, tranquillity, and an exemplary effect. A circular logo fits just right for any requirements and is likely to get more attention.

Your logo showcases your brand such as a Podcast Logo; do not create it in haste. Take your time, plan, create a hierarchy, and then start designing your circle logo with Logo Templates. You can take ideas from the circle logo examples and types discussed above. Use these handpicked tips and tricks to create a gorgeous logo for your brand.

You can also engage with professional logo designing services to get your customized logo, or you can use the big range of templates available online.

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Why Choose Dedicated Server In India




Why Choose Dedicated Server In India

There are chances that you have selected shared hosting at the stage where you first host a domain since it is the most realistic and less costly alternative. Despite the fact that it is important that you have to switch to a dedicated server while your web grows. You can start shared hosting at first and then move to Dedicated Server India Else, so your site can crash with growing traffic. Essentially, the dedicated server indicates that your site has its own infrastructure and you don’t have to share it with any other networks. It provides the server with power and stability.

What are the Benefits of choosing HostingRaja Dedicated Server India?

Most domain owners currently have this question at the top of the priority list concerning whether loyal servers must select or not. Despite the fact that organizations have many choices for their sites and servers, the shared server is the most famous and feasible. But it is critical that you turn to dedicated servers as the organization grows. Here are a few reasons why Dedicated Server India should be selected.

  • Resources are not shared:

As you have a private server, you do not need to share your PC with someone. The assets are completely there for you. You don’t need to balance the effects of the traffic and the servers. The poor content runs when you use a shared server on another website and then decreases in latency, impacting the bandwidth. When you choose a dedicated server, you shouldn’t need to consider it.

  • Enhanced security and performance:

It amplifies uptime for your servers as you choose a dedicated server. Although a lot of traffic derives from the pages, it is smarter to use a dedicated server since it has greater consistency and durability than most other hosting solutions. You are not sharing your server with any other website that can protect you from a malicious domain or a potential spammer when you select a dedicated host.

  • Flexibility in choosing dedicated server India

A dedicated server helps clients to customize the server, regardless of the need for RAM, physical space, and so on. Until you settle on a shared server, a client is limited to the projects, code, and operating arrangements introduced on the cloud. A dedicated server allows an organisation to have an updated server infrastructure that fits the customer’s requirements. A devoted worker provides greater consistency as to how it is possible to change a dedicated server. As to how a dedicated server should be modified, a dedicated server provides some versatility. You will pick the platform and software in a similar manner to the specifications.

  • No overhead for maintenance of equipment:

A dedicated server provider handles the burden of deploying and maintaining cloud facilities, reducing costs for large enterprise servers and improving the return on investment.

  • Unique IP Address:

Per-server has a special IP address of its own. You must share the IP address with all other pages while opting for shared hosting. There is a risk that the site’s score could decline if the site nearby is immoral. No such query occurs for a dedicated server. At the stage where you have a large e-commerce company, it is necessary to have a dedicated server.

Who Need Dedicated Server Hosting

HostingRaja for dedicated server providers is an incredibly effective alternative. If you opt for a dedicated server, the service provider can dedicate a PC to cater to the organization’s IT workload. Protection and improvise implementation extends by a dedicated server. In the following scenarios, Dedicated Server India is fit.

  • Websites that need dedicated bandwidth for heavy traffic in order for the site to run properly.
  • Companies with a complex website often need updates.
  • Companies whose aim is to scale their online presence
  • An organization that has a large capital base.
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How To Ride Private Hire Vehicles During The Covid-19 Era?



As the UK faces another strict lockdown at the hands of a new Covid-19 mutant, it is going to be another hard month for the citizens, undoubtedly. As much as it is necessary to stay at home to protect yourself from the wrath of this vicious coronavirus, there can be many instances, where you might find the need to go out. They can be hospital visits, critical work meetings, or a short trip to the grocery store.

During these trying times, it is crucial to be as safe as possible to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Services like private taxis in Canterbury are making sure that the drivers follow all the SOPs to protect themselves and the customers from being infected. People who have to catch unavoidable flights can benefit fromCanterbury airport transfers, as it is the safest way to travel in the current situation.

Why choose private taxi services?

If you are met with a situation where you have to travel to a nearby place, a far-away location, or have to catch a flight, it is best that you appoint a private taxi. As compared to other forms of public transport, they are a much safer option. The drivers are well-trained to sanitise the entire vehicle after dropping off a passenger. Other than that, they are well-versed, when it comes to implementing all the SOPs, while they are serving the customers with the best of their abilities.

How to keep yourself safe while riding a private cab?

Generally, all the companies offering private taxi services in Canterbury have made sure that the guidelines about how to avail their facilities during the Covid-19 era are available on their websites. At the time of booking, you can check them and read them thoroughly, so that you can avoid any possibility of a misunderstanding in the future.

However, there are some steps that you can take to protect yourself and the driver from the potential spread of the Covid-19 virus. If you are interested to know them, continue reading:

  1. According to the experts, one of the key ways to save yourself from infection is by keeping hand hygiene your top priority. The spread of the coronavirus is in your hands. Therefore, make them as clean as possible. If every individual practices this religiously, it can make a huge difference in the transmission rate of the virus. So, before you sit in the car and after you get out of it, make sure that you wash your hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds to rinse out any infectious organism.
  1. It is crucial that you carry hand sanitisers everywhere you go. Many private taxi drivers will offer you one as you sit in the vehicle. However, it is best that you keep a sanitiser of your own, and use it after your hands come in contact with any of the car’s surfaces.
  1. Avoid touching your face while you are in the cab. The most common way of viral transmission is from hand-to-face. Your hands can, unconsciously, touch infected areas. In that case, if your fingers touch your face, you can be in potential danger of contracting the virus. With that being said, if you constantly keep your hands sanitised, you will be at no such risk.
  1. Wear a mask at all times. Usually, it is advised that only those people, who are infected with the coronavirus should wear a mask to stop it from spreading. However, a face-covering can mitigate the risks of you catching it as well. Moreover, for many people, wearing a mask reduces the impulse of touching their face. So, when your private cab driver arrives, make sure that you and the person behind the wheel, are wearing a mask.
  1. Ask the private taxi driver to inform you about their arrival through the app or via text messages.
  1. It is also advised that you only sit in the backseat. You can put yourself and the driver at risk if you choose to sit on the front seat.
  1. As you wait for your cab driver to come to pick you up, keep an abundant supply of tissue with yourself. They will come in handy to catch a cough or a sneeze. 

If you follow these steps, you can enjoy as many trips as you like with private taxi service providers, without worrying about the safety of yourself and the drivers.

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Steps To Elevate Your In-store Promotions



As a store owner/manager marketing your brand is necessary to build awareness, customer loyalty, and ultimately increase your sales revenue.

In fact, most retailing companies spend over 30% of their total revenue on average through business marketing and advertising to improve customer experience. Yet, according to research, more than 50% of these promotions do not succeed in their efforts to boost sales. And why is that?

When it comes to in store promotion, money is essential, but it’s not the only contributing factor. It only comes secondary to the effective implementation and execution of your promotion strategy. You can spend a lot of your money on business advertising, but you will fail if your strategy implementation is not good enough. And this is what most product promoters fail to acknowledge.

So, as a merchandiser, which is the most effective strategy to promote your business? Read this article to find out.

Enhance Product Visibility

Although many people might know about your product, there are still those who don’t, and catching their attention is necessary to boost your sales. Considering that most people will hardly notice shelved goods, you need to go out of your way to increase your products’ visibility through off-shelf branding to attract new customers.

Enhancing your products’ display is one of the most effective in-store promotion strategies to get unsuspecting customers to notice your brand and boost your sales. Some of the ways you can use include:

  • Smart wall/floor displays- using colourful and unique displays that are impossible to ignore.
  • Use floor stickers, signs, and banners.
  • Added premiums- add some incentive to your products. Give people a reason to purchase our products.

Use Price Discounts

People love discounts, and the most successful product promoters can attest to that. You will be surprised how much you can sell if your products were just 1 INR cheaper than the rest in the market.

Some of the creative ways you can use price discounts to boost your sales include:

  • Coupon integration- the point is to create some urgency to purchase your product. You can insert the coupons either on your off-shelf displays or the actual product
  • TPRs (Temporary Price Reductions)
  • Bonus pack Offers- a good example is a buy-one-get-one-free.

Use Accurate Information for Your Strategy

If you want to do it right, using accurate information is necessary to make your in-store promotion strategy more reliable. For that, you will need to ask the right questions to ensure authenticity in the answers you get. Some of the questions you can ask include;

  • Which is the right way to stock our product?
  • Do we have enough space?
  • What about our competitors? How much space are they occupying? And so on

Asking the right questions will ensure that you make decisions that are accurate to secure a positive outcome.

Validate Your Success

At the end of every process, you need to confirm that what you are doing is working. Sometimes things might feel positive, while in the real sense, they are not. But numbers do not lie. Use legit data to measure your success and find out whether your efforts have paid off or not. You can do so by calculating:

  • Your incremental value
  • Your marginal return on investment
  • Measuring your success will help you determine
  • What you did right so that you can keep doing it
  • What did not work all, to abandon
  • What worked but can do better to maximize on it

A well-articulated in-store promotion strategy can do wonders for your brand, and following these steps can help you make a mark with your customers.

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