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Online Education in post-pandemic India: Has COVID forced us into the eventually inevitable means for providing affordable mass education?



Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” With over a billion students forced to stay out of the classroom, the COVID-19 has arguably been the reason for the biggest revolution in the paradigm of learning and education. India is one of the most affected countries with over 30 crore students affected. That’s more than 22% of our population. There is a very urgent requirement for providing quality education to a large number of students, most of whom belong to middle or low-income families. After all, with such a great demographic dividend, it is the most important task for our country to invest in educating our youth.

One (and by far the most effective) way the education fraternity is coping with such demand is by introducing online teaching. Slowly but surely, there has been much-improved literacy about using online learning tools. The market is swamped with online teaching apps that provide all education which books and classrooms can provide at the palm of your hand. There definitely is an increased interest in online teaching apps on part of students as well. And rightly so, after all studying Newton’s laws in a 3-D simulation can even make the subject a child’s play even for a little child. Also, revision of the same recorded content provided by the online teaching app is far more beneficial than asking doubts to an irritable teacher. On a serious note, online education is going to be the game-changer in making our country a developed nation by making the masses literate and educated at a rapid pace. But, this mostly untapped potential needs to be realized and we must continue building upon our efforts perpetually for at least the next decade to have a full-fledged online education infrastructure in INDIA. 

In this bid to expand the practice of online teaching in India, the Narendra Modi government, in its budget for the year 2020 has announced the National Digital Educational Architecture (NDEAR) for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. Online learning has turned into a new world order with countries all across the globe moving towards setting up Virtual Universities(VU), which means no brick and mortar campuses and no physical presence of staff. Everything is properly arranged, even the experiments are conducted through remote labs.

But there is an ugly side to all this. India, a country known for its unity in diversity, also has diverse socio-economic conditions which bring a new set of challenges for policymakers. The initial investment in online education for students is a smartphone, an internet connection, and an optimum supply of electricity which for many families is a big economic hurdle. In many areas, internet connectivity is next to nil. The government must ensure that the students are provided with all the online tools to wage the war against illiteracy.  Maybe schemes to provide smartphones to the needy at subsidized prices or low no-cost EMIs, providing affordable internet availability. Because the importance of online education is only going to increase with each passing year even post-pandemic, and to think that online teaching is dispensable and would decrease when restrictions are dropped, is shortsighted.

The most rewarding outcome of online teaching is that there is no dearth of quality teachers. Truth be told, most schools in India provide a very average quality of education. And the blame in part lies with the average skilled workforce they have to make do with because there are only so many talented people in any field. And with schools and universities overcrowding every nook and corner of our society they are bound to balance between quality, availability of teachers, and their own profitability. In all this, it’s the students who have to compromise and do most of the learning on their own or from joining tuitions and extra classes. But in online teaching, since a single teacher can reach every student across the nation (or the globe), the quality of education which the student can achieve is impeccable. Therefore, online teaching apps in India are here to stay as it is the students who eventually benefit from them.

So, the onus lies on the policymakers to facilitate innovative Ed-tech startups and online teaching app to help achieve nationwide penetration of this exciting and fruitful journey of online education. After all, in the future online teaching apps and platforms are going to be our new Nalanda and Taxila. There should also be a focus on the development of online teaching apps in regional languages as the omnipresence of English in this space causes problems for Hindi medium students or other non- English speakers. Different educational boards across the country had to cancel the board examination for 2020 amidst the devastating second wave of COVID-19, due to a lack of online education tools and properly organized infrastructure for a nationwide open book examination. But hopefully and quite possibly in near future, we will develop the capability to save our students’ future by investing our collective resources in mass online literacy and setting up the necessary online infrastructure including a high rate of internet connectivity.

Thus, online teaching in India is set to grow exponentially even in post-pandemic India and it should be encouraged to produce a talented, educated, and competent young generation that is ready to take on the increasingly complex world around them. Though it is hard initially to get the hang of online teaching tools, the rewards are worth the efforts. We must always remember that the only thing that is permanent is change therefore we should embrace it when it is necessary. 

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Why Investing In Iraq Through The Dinar Guru Could Be A Big Myth!



Iraq Through The Dinar Guru

The Dinar Guru has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals (like yourself) learn the art of the dinar. I learned a lot from this program, but I decided to write an honest review based on my own experience. So, I am writing this to help others who are thinking about joining the Dinar Guru program but aren’t sure if they should join or not. This is my review and how I learned from the Dinar Guru program. also read from dinar detectives book review. If this product will benefit you, I would highly recommend it.

How Dinar Guru Beneficial for people For The Business

The Dinar Guru has helped thousands of people learn the art of investing and create their businesses. The Dinar Guru includes videos, articles, newsletters, and even webinars to help guide you through the basics of starting your own home-based business. The Dinar Guru also includes an easy-to-use form for determining an appropriate investment option for your needs.

Also read about Dinar chronicles

The Dinar Guru is easy to use yet provides high-quality content and education to educate you on legitimate investments and how to invest wisely. If you consider investing in Iraq, the Dinar Guru can be a valuable source of information for determining whether or not this lucrative country is a good investment choice.

If you are wondering whether or not the Dinar Guru will be beneficial to you, I am going to give you a personal example from myself. It all started with a dream. I had read about investing in the Iraqi dinar…so, I planned to learn as much as I could about this incredible market and earn some quick profits. I had no idea where to start and when I found the Dinar Guru, I knew I was on the road to financial freedom!

The Dinar Guru has become one of the best sources of information for me because they quickly give so much information. There are videos, articles, and newsletters that cover every aspect of investing in Iraq. Even if you did not consider the Iraqi dinar a good investment, the Dinar Guru would surely show you otherwise. But, did you know that many of the people selling the Iraq investment opportunity have never even seen the place? So, just because something looks too good to be true, it usually is!

Why I Love Dinar Guru

Another reason I love Dinar Guru is that they do not sell me any eBooks or downloadable material that I have to purchase to learn how to invest in Iraqi. Once I have learned how to invest, I send the affiliate link to my subscribers, and they then send me the commissions. I have been making money for over two years now, and my friends at the Dinar Guru have had to email me multiple times a day to help me with my investments because I keep investing without having an expert at my side.

The Dinar Guru also gives me another bonus. If I ever decide to leave the guru… if the Iraqi dinar falls, I can sell my shares of the Dubai commercial real estate and make a big profit! This also explains why they call us the “Dinar Gurus.” Anyhow, my review of the program ends here. I hope you enjoyed reading this review of the program, and I wish you all success with your investments! moreover, find the information news about dinar intel also.

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Get the top-class distance education at LPU



lpu distance education mca fees structure

Everyone struggles to survive their life during this global pandemic. People are staying at home to avoid the outrage of the COVID-19. Education becomes digitalized. Every kid and grown student is learning from the online classes and online tests. Likewise, you can study for any degree without going to college or university. But it is essential to choose the right university for the proper and knowledgeable distance education course. So it is better to consider preferring lpu distance education, one of the most leading universities in India. You can apply for any distance education course when the admissions are open in the relevant university. You can even check the lpu distance education mca fees structure on the website itself. Visit the official university website to know more about mca distance education course. 

Great infrastructure 

The university has a pleasant and spacious atmosphere that brings a sense of inner peace to every single person walk-in into the university. It has specific buildings for every department. It also built every building with department-related things. Students who are studying distance education have to come for college only during the exams and semesters. So you can learn and gather your knowledge as your wish without any distractions. Getting a proper degree from leading universities like lpu helps you to direct your career successfully. The circumstances and environment of the university are always secured. You can wander around the university without facing any difficulties. So it is the best and trusted place where you can study and get your degree without any issues.

Fees Structure

The lpu distance education offers affordable fee structures in all courses. If you want to learn mca distance education, you can check for the lpu distance education mca fees structure from the official lpu website. It helps you to choose the right degree that suits you without hesitation. It is because many universities fees structure is relatively high while compared to lpu distance education. It will allow the students to study well and develop their future careers without any difficulties. The trusted and reliable university has the best professors and faculties to teach and train the students at their best. It also has the best laboratories and workspace. So every student can quickly realize their ability and capability to achieve their goal as soon as possible. Try to visit the relevant website to know more about the courses and fee structures.


The lpu distance education provides many job offerings for the students. More than a thousand students from distance education getting selected to the topmost multinational corporations. The relevant university gives more opportunities for every student in the job offers. Placements and offerings are increasing gradually every year. So every student can get a sturdy job after completing the distance education at lpu. You can also get the best training sessions and practices before getting a job. It may help the student to a specific job with more dedication and involvement. The well-experienced professors and lecturers teach to provide more knowledge to the students and it helps them to select in the placement easily. You can also have chances to get a job abroad with a good annual income. So try studying distance education at lpu and have a great career.

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Are there places where I can buy Zolpidem online?



buy Zolpidem online

The online market has experienced explosive development and vastly positive customer satisfaction, as a result of the great benefits they offer.

One market that truly stands out above all is the online pharmaceutical sector and its ability to readily and safely provide prescription and non-prescription medication. Delivery on time and having products sent straight to your door has saved consumers money, time and effort.

According to Vasić et al. (2019), online shopping has become more popular due to the convenience and accessibility that it provides to shoppers.

If you search for online pharmacies or internet pharmacies from your search engine, a long list will appear displaying those that are available in your country, as well as international pharmacies that deliver in your region. These pharmacies have strong security policies and the relevant experience to provide fast, reliable delivery and ordering services.

You can buy zolpidem online from any of these pharmacies as long as you have accurate payment, shipping and personal information required. These pharmacies will not only assist you in receiving your medication on time, but also ensure that you are up to date with important information pertaining to zolpidem.

A plethora of product information resources is available when seeking zolpidem online, learning about alternatives, cost, precautions benefits, uses and more. 

Why is buying zolpidem online better?

Majority of the world are now going online, this is because traditional shopping has become tiresome, time consuming and costly, especially for those who have limited budgets per month. People who decide to buy zolpidem are usually those who are unwell and maybe unable to travel.

 Below are a few reasons why customers prefer to buy zolpidem from online pharmacies:

·         Individuals who have busy schedules have no time to visit traditional pharmacies and wait in long queues to be served. Hence, they are more likely to purchase online as there no crowds, and will receive service immediately by the click of a button.

·         Many people prefer purchasing medication privately; online pharmacies are able offer service in this way as they possess privacy policies that aim to protect consumers’ information.

·         Online pharmacies have licensed pharmacists or customer consultants who are available all day. Individuals are able to freely seek advice from pharmacists without having others gnawing at them or rushing them because they are next in line.

·         For those who have disabilities or who are living in remote areas where transport is not easily accessible – internet pharmacies are resourceful and convenient, as they provide the medication needed without the struggle of travelling long distance.

·         These online pharmacies provide personalised reminders, via email, that will inform you when you will need to place your next order or when you are due to purchase in the upcoming month.

·         Most people would love to read about how a product has worked for others, especially when it comes to medication. On these online websites, individuals are able to read customer reviews about their experience with the medication before deciding to buy from an online pharmacy.

Unpacking zolpidem tablets online and possible alternatives

Zolpidem is an FDA approved hypnotic that is commonly sold under the brand name Ambien and is used as a short-term treatment for sleeping problems. This medication contains zolpidem tartrate that works to increase quality and quantity of sleep, reduce amount of waking during sleep and help you fall asleep.

It comes in three forms: 1) immediate release, 2) extended release and 3) sublingual. These forms must be used correctly for individuals to experience the desired effects.

Ambien is an immediate release medication (5mg and 10mg) in which the onset period is immediate and works quickly to induce sleep as show in various studies. Ambien CR is an extended release (6.25mg and 12.5mg) of which the onset period is much slower and may have to be taken a few hours before bedtime. Edluar is a sublingual (5mg and 10mg) that dissolves under the tongue. These medications can be substituted by Eszopiclone (sedative-hypnotic), sold under the brand name Lunesta, which is also used for the treatment of short-term insomnia.

Are zolpidem tablets cheaper online?

There are two types of online pharmacies, firstly, the one that is purely internet based and second, one that is an online version of a physical pharmacy. The former allows consumers to order online and will only deliver to your place of preference, while the latter allows consumers to pick up from the physical store if they wish.

Most people prefer the solely internet based pharmacy as they would rather receive their medication in the comfort of their homes than making an effort to travel out.

Zolpidem tablets may be cheaper to purchase from online pharmacies rather than offline pharmacies for two main reasons: 1) Online pharmacies are able to offer discounts, incentives and promotion information, and 2) Purchasing online gives individuals the opportunity to browse different pharmacies and compare prices.

Virtually based pharmacies are cheaper than traditional pharmacies and are not limited in their supply of products. This is beneficial as consumers are able to browse the originals as well as approved generics (which are cheaper, yet bioequivalent in nature).

See more at:

General guidelines when deciding to buy zolpidem tablets online

Of course there are a few threats when purchasing products online, especially scammers who can claim to be from a company that sells approved medications. Therefore, it is imperative that individuals are alert and observant when dealing with online pharmacies. Below are a few guidelines when deciding to buy zolpidem from e-pharmacies:

·         Firstly, choose a pharmacy that is available in your country and has positive reviews visible on the company website or on the internet. Make sure there are contact details (email, live chat, phone number) on the website and it is a reputable company.

·         Look for secure and familiar payment gateways and processes.

·         When filling in delivery information, ensure that you have entered the correct address as shipping may be delayed, or products lost due to incorrect information provided.

·         Ensure that you have ordered the correct medication the first time, and have read the electronic patient information leaflet on the website. This is beneficial when you have questions about the medication, usage, and so on.

·         Make sure to inform your pharmacist of any allergies to zolpidem and seek advice accordingly if needed.

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