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Business Case study- A Case Study of Microsoft



Microsoft pestle analysis + swot analysis case study

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company based at Redmond, Washington. This company develops, manufactures, supports, licenses and sells computer software, personal computers and consumer electronics along with its related services. The name of company “Microsoft” has been named after by merging the two words “microcomputer” and “software”. According to Ricky, a senior consultant at My Assignment Help, During the year 2016, it has been ranked as the largest software maker of the world as per revenue”. It was basically formed to dominate the operating system of the personal computer with MS-DOS during the period of 1980s, followed by Microsoft Windows.

Background of the Microsoft

Name of company: Microsoft CorporationYear of Formation: 1975CEO: Steve BallmerProducts of the company: Windows, Servers, Office, Skype, Dynamics, Visual Studio, Surface Mobile, Xbox and list of softwareAnnual revenue: US$ 125.8 billionCountries in which it operate: Operates in 210 countries like in India, Canada, China, Australia, Germany, Japan, UK, Singapore, Ireland, Netherlands.Net operating cost: US$ 43.0 billionAd Expenditure: US$ 13.7 billionNet Sales volume: US$ 125.8 billionMain competitors: Apple, Google, Facebook, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Okta, Proofpoint

Background of Microsoft product

            The products of software can be segregated into different categories. These categories are explained with the help of a chart below-

WindowsOfficeBusinessDevices & MoreDeveloper & ITAppsMore
Internet ExplorerExcel  Skype for Business ServerXboxHardware DevelopmentSkypeMicrosoft store
Windows 7WordSkype for Business OnlineMobile DevicesVisual StudioYammerMicrosoft Account
Windows 8.1PowerPointSurface for BusinessSurfaceMicrosoft Exchange ServerSkype for BusinessSecurity
Windows RT 8.1Office for HomeMicrosoft IntuneDevice Service and RepairMicrosoft Sharepoint ServerSwayPrivacy
Windows 10OutlookMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft keyboards, mouse, LifeCam, LifeChatMicrosoft SQL ServerMicrosoft Edge for iOS and AndroidBing
Windows 10 MobileOffice 365 for BusinessMicrosoft Dynamics GP Microsoft .NET FrameworkDelvePC Gaming
Windows ServerOffice for AndroidMicrosoft Dynamics AX System CenterYour PhoneMicrosoft Ads
Windows UpdateOffice for iPhone & iPadMicrosoft Partner Centre Support and Apps
Windows Insider ProgramOneNotePower BI   Microsoft Lifecycle Policy
Windows Mixed RealityAccessOther Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution    
Windows AccessibilityMicrosoft Teams     
Windows IT AdministratorOutlook 2016 for Mac     

SWOT analysis of Microsoft

Strengths- The Internal Strategic Factors

It is the leading software company. It is the market leader of the technology of software especially in cloud computing. It has been considered as the largest developer of the Windows Operating System as well as the largest cloud player. According to Ana, a financial advisor at Myassignmenthelp, “During the year 2018 its annual revenue was $23.2 billion. It also ranks fourth in the list of world’s largest company in the year 2018 with market value of $750.6 billion”. This company has shown constant and strong growth in the cloud business. At the same time, it has the base of greatest loyal customer and it has been ranked 4th as the world’s most valuable brand. It is basically known for its hi-tech quality products.

Weaknesses- The internal Strategic Factors

            There has been often fall in the PC shipments due to the rising prices of the vendors and fluctuations of currency and therefore it has landed Microsoft in a vulnerable position. The increasing rate of cybercrime have also left Microsoft in a vulnerable state. There is lack of innovation and advanced technology in the hardware products of Microsoft in the products like computers, phones and surface pro. On the other hand, Google, Apple and Amazon are rapidly innovating their advanced technologies.

Opportunities- The External Strategic Factors

            During the recent years the cloud-based services of Microsoft has gained immense growth as well as success and hence the opportunity has been expanded to the cloud business of Microsoft. There are various innovative areas like AI and game technology where the Microsoft has massive opportunity and therefore, investing in such areas will give positive results in future. The company is able to gain high market share if it enters into new partnerships and acquisitions. Microsoft can go for acquiring hi-tech firms as this will provide a profitable opportunity for Microsoft. At the same time, the rapid growing market for the smartphones and tablets offer a wonderful opportunity for this company.

Threats- The External Strategic Factors

            There has been an imbalance in the recruited workforce during the time period of 2018 as shown by the Microsoft workforce diversity statistics with a low number of women employees. On the other hand, it has faced many criticism for its Xbox Live- the gaming service and the companies like Google and Apple stand as threats for Microsoft. It has a market of modest market shares in terms of smartphones, notepads and laptops.

PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft


            The company of Microsoft has been running into several political issues during the last couple of years. China has an issue with the sales and distributions of Microsoft products and there was an amicable relationship between China and the United States and still U.S heavily relies on China and any sort of disturbance can affect Microsoft. During the year 2013, the European Union had also hit Microsoft for the violation of trust regulations. There will be shift in the laws in the international countries which may benefit the company as the political environment largely affects the business and profitability of any active businesses. During this recent times, the Microsoft is in a favorable position politically and the company has provided more than $10 million for the formation of the political environments in the last 2 years. Thus, it clearly indicates that Microsoft wants to be on the good side of the environment.


            The current state of the economy has largely affected Microsoft and there has been imbalances in the profit with taxation rates and change in the labor law and also because of poor and unfriendly relationship with the internal companies. All these have also affected the import and export of Microsoft. During the time of recession in the year 2017 the company was forced to lay off employees of over 5000 and it is still recovering from such mishap. Furthermore, during the year 2015 the revenues and expenses of Microsoft have been reduced in the international operations. Thus, it is needed for Microsoft to act accordingly for getting accustomed with the changes which are likely to impact the operations of the company.


            The social factors along with the economic factors affect the revenues and profits of Microsoft. It is important for every business to understand the social as well as cultural factors of the business. These can be challenging for the businesses which has operations in the multiple countries. They need to study several customs and cultural changes but Microsoft has not put much effort for doing the same. There has been massive increase in the use of mobile devices but Microsoft is mostly concerned for the products of computers and put little focus on the mobile users. Therefore, for acquiring more success in the business it needs to shift their thinking and include smartphones as a big part of their campaigns.


            Microsoft is basically a technology based company which is engaged with the developing and distributing of digital software as a result any changes in the industry of technology is bound to affect the corporation. It is important to keep a pace with the technological breakthroughs as a new technology is developed the old one is thrown away. It has two major rivals- Apple and Google which keep Microsoft on their toes. It can result into business loss if Microsoft do not put much attention in the funding of innovation, investments and research. Similarly, it has experienced growth and success after adopting the cloud based services. The only loophole is that it does not keep pace with the mobile phones as mentioned earlier and buying of Nokia was not profitable for Microsoft.

Problems Microsoft is facing

            The recent economic meltdown has hit the world had a severe implication on the economies as well as most of the companies worldwide and Microsoft is not an exceptional but it has still managed to be among the big players of the market even after the financial crisis. However, there are some key challenges which are being faced by Microsoft and it has been unidentified after conducting SWOT and PEST analysis. One of those key challenges has been explained below-

Lack of Innovation

            It has been already identified in the SWOT analysis that Microsoft lacks in innovation and most of the products which have been launched by Microsoft are influenced by the existing products of other competitors. Therefore, for instances the very own browser of Microsoft, the Internet Explorer is similar to the Netscape. According to some employees of the company, since Microsoft lacks in innovation their employees are busy upgrading their products.

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Features and Benefits of Using the Home Loan EMI Calculator



The Indian home loan market is estimated to grow at a CAGR rate of 22% between 2021 and 2026. Thus, this is a perfect time to invest in real estate. Nevertheless, it is essential to have proper knowledge regarding EMI payments. Therefore, it is wise to rely on a home loan EMI calculator to evaluate the EMI amount and other key factors beforehand to avoid further issues. 

What is a home loan EMI calculator?

Availing a loan is a crucial financial decision. Hence, before availing of a loan, it is essential to do a loan planning exercise to estimate monthly EMIs. A home loan calculator helps borrowers calculate the monthly EMI based on the principal amount, loan tenor, and interest rate of a home loan. This calculator makes loan planning easier for borrowers. Hence, individuals can take a look at the features and benefits of home loan EMI calculator that will make their repayment more convenient:

Aspects and advantages of home loan EMI calculator

This simple, user-friendly tool will evaluate the home loan EMI amount at once and provide borrowers with a fair idea of monthly outflow that will contribute towards your repayment procedure.

  • Choosing the right tenor- The repayment of any loan is made through monthly EMI that makes their repayment convenient since they can choose a feasible tenor that will not be stressful. After getting a fair idea of the monthly EMIs, individuals can decide whether they can manage to pay a high EMI and choose a short tenure period or pay a pleasant EMI amount and extend their loan period. One can also focus on ways to reduce home loan tenure and EMI to further ease repayment. 
  • Easy calculation- Borrowers, who want to know the exact figure of EMI repayment, they need to enter the loan amount, interest rate, processing fees and loan tenor and the amount will be provided by the calculator.
  • Comparing Interest rate- The interest rate charged by financial institutions regulate the cost of home loan. When individuals pay their home loan EMI, the home loan interest rate charged decides how much of an amount is to be paid to the lender. Choosing a short tenor reduces the interest rate and allows individuals to compare several financial lenders’ different rates.
  • Choosing the principal amount- Though the financial lenders calculate the higher eligible amount, it is not necessary to borrow that particular amount. Borrowers should try to arrange the maximum down payment to keep the EMI amount minimal.

Hence, a home loan calculator is a handy financial tool that gives instant and accurate results, thereby helping individuals customise home loan based on their comfort and convenience.

To meet your needs, some reputed housing finance companies offer a home loan amount of up to Rs.3.5 crore over a flexible tenor period of 20 years. 

Top HFCs also provide pre-approved offers to simplify and quicken the lending process. These offers are available on several financial products, such as home loans, loan against property and more. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and contact details.

Hence, using a home loan EMI calculator, users gain a fair idea about their financial obligation associated with the credit option and gauge their financial standing.

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Women Outfit Ideas For Valentine Day 2021



Valentine’s day comes with the promise of romance in the air. And on that special day, we all love to look good and attractive. When it comes to women’s fashion wear for valentine’s day, the choice is endless. You can either go simple and elegant or you can pick something bold and classy.

To help you get started with your dress shopping this Valentine ’s Day, here is the list of the best outfit ideas.

Flaunt A Sheath Dress

A sheath or a shift dress is very popular for special days like valentine’s and dates. This dress is pretty simple, yet looks perfect for the evening. A shift dress in soft colours or a dark one will definitely set the right mood for your romantic date. Some of the best colours to choose are pink, coral red, dark maroon, navy and bottle green. Pick the right size for comfortability and fittings while buying a shift dress online.

Stylish Tops With Palazzos

The most simple and smart looking dress idea for this valentine’s day would be a pair of the flared palazzo and a stylish ladies top. Embroidered tops are great or you can choose a crop top and wear a shrug on top to make the appearance more regal. Earrings, bangles or just a nose pin will look dazzling with tops and palazzos. 

Ravishing High-low Dress 

Go for the high-low hemline if you want to impress your special one. A dark or bold coloured high-low dress is simply perfect for your first valentine’s. You just need to wear a pair of heels or bellies, carry a clutch and wear your hair down. To highlight your dress, wear very little makeup and stay natural. If you are wearing a sleeveless and low neckline high-low dress, you can also drape a scarf.

Appealing Red Saree

Nothing creates magic like a stunning red saree. You can wear a classic chiffon or silk red saree and pair it with designer tops for girls. Instead of the regular blouse style, do a little experiment and wear a shirt style tp or a tunic kurta with your saree to make a bold and fresh statement. Oxidised jewelry or simple stone studded jewellery will look awesome with your red saree look. To accentuate your coverall attire, do a stylish hair bun and get bold eye makeup.

Elegant White And Red

Just like every time, red and white is the most demanding and evergreen combination for valentines day dress code. Wear a white tunic with a deep red palazzo and you need nothing else to look fashionable. You can also go ethnic and wear a red and white combination anarkali suit with silver jewellery. A white top with a long ethnic red skirt is another fabulous choice for your evening valentine day outing.

Some other great options in red and white are: midi or mini skirts in red with white tops, red cape tops with white jeans or you can wear a red and white gown. 

Asymmetrical Dress

The dress is the most preferred outfit for valentines day. And asymmetrical dresses always make the top of the dress list. The symmetric hemline looks offbeat, attractive and very classy. You can also pair a legging with an asymmetric dress and drape a dupatta to make a fusion style statement. 

Flared Long Kurta

Gown style flared kurtas are very much loved by modern women for their elegant look. Flared kurtas can be worn with churidars or leggings. If you are wearing ankle-length flared kurta, you can ditch bottoms and wear it like a dress.

Hope this valentine’s day, you look bold and beautiful and feel confident. 

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Some Facts You Must Know When You Apply Personal Loan For Women



The number of women borrowers in India has increased significantly in the last few years. As per a report, female borrowers numbered around 2.4 crore in 2014 compared to 7.8 crore in March 2020. It just goes to indicate how the mindset has changed regarding borrowing among women in the country.

  • According to a December 2019 survey, women contributed approximately 15% of the total personal loan borrowers.

Fortunately, a personal loan for women is available against a standard set of qualifications, making them easily accessible. While the requirements remain gender-neutral, they indicate an increasing inclination of women in arranging personal financing conveniently. So, here are a few essential facts you must know about these advances, included under the eligibility requirements and application process, for easy financing.

Eligibility criteria for personal loans

The following simple personal loan eligibility criteria enable borrowers, including women, to avail hassle-free funding.

  1. Maintain an impressive credit score and history

The minimum CIBIL score requirement from some of the reputed lenders in the market is 750. Thus, borrowers must aim for a CIBIL rating higher than this particular score if they plan to secure a personal loan conveniently. 

Applicants with scores over 800 also stand a chance to acquire additional benefits, such as favourable rates, higher principal amounts, and much more. If one’s current score does not meet the minimum requirements set by a lender, a borrower must check out things to improve his/her personal credit score.

Nevertheless, taking care of factors such as maintaining a balanced credit mix, keeping the credit utilisation ratio in check and the likes always help maintain an individual’s credit profile for easy borrowing.

  1. Meet age specifications

Generally, salaried employees aged between 23 and 55 years are offered personal loans.

Match minimum income requirements

To acquire a personal loan for women, you must also possess a stable source of income. Monthly earnings should thus be around Rs.25,000 or more to qualify for these forms of credit. 

However, the exact specifications regarding earnings can vary based on your city of residence. If one’s income is limited, she can opt for a Flexi personal loan for women to ensure repayment affordability. Under such an arrangement, lenders provide a pre-sanctioned amount to borrowers for multiple withdrawals, with interest charged on such withdrawals only.

For instance, if this limit is Rs.1 lakh and a borrower utilises Rs.25,000 from this amount, he/she would only need to bear interest on the latter sum and not on an entire principal sanctioned.

How to apply for a personal loan?

Borrowers can complete the following steps for an easy and convenient loan application – 

  1. Depending on the financial institution selected, visit its official website and navigate to the personal loan application section. 
  2. Next, fill up an online application form with the required personal, financial, and other details.
  3. Proceed to choose a suitable loan amount and ideal repayment tenure from the available options. Generally, the personal loans for women come with tenures ranging between 12 to 60 months.

Note that while an option to apply offline is available, one should avail a personal loan online to acquire the best deals. Borrowers can also compare the various rates and terms before choosing a low interest personal loan. For interest rate affordability, one can look for NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv.

The financial institution also provides pre-approved offers to hasten and ease the process of lending. One can avail these offers on personal loans, business loans, credit cards, and more. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting your name and phone number.

  • Around 30 million women borrowers acquired credit in India, as per a CIBIL report from 2019.

Evidently, women are borrowing more frequently today than ever before. It is due to increased financial independence among Indian women, which has enabled them to avail and repay such credit efficiently.

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