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Introduction to Differentiation and Integration



We know that Mathematics is one of the important subjects that each student has to learn. Mathematics is not only helpful in academics; it is useful in many real-life scenarios also. It is a subject which is incredibly important for most of their lives. Mathematics is not about just numbers; it is all about patterns. Many fields like designing, engineering, marketing, finance require good Math skills.

In Mathematics, we will come across many concepts. All the ideas are equally important from the basic concept of counting to the complex concepts like differentiation and integration in calculus. Here, we are going to discuss the introduction of differentiation and integration along with its applications.

Generally, calculus can be broadly classified into two types, namely:

  • Differential Calculus – It deals with finding the changes in the given function. It breaks the functions into small pieces to determine its changes.
  • Integral calculus – It integrates the smaller functions to find the whole.


Differentiation is the process of determining the derivative of a function. The fundamental concept of differentiation is finding the derivative; In other words, differentiation is a method of finding the function’s slope or change rate. It means that the rate at which the output value will change for the input value. The derivatives generally define the slope of the given function at any point. It is the measurement for the steepness of the graph function. The derivative of the function is generally represented using the notation “dy/dx”.

For example, if f(x) is the given function, the derivative is represented by f’(x) = dy/dx. It represents the derivative of the variable y with respect to the variable x. Here “x” is the independent variable, and “y” is the dependent variable. 


  • It helps to calculate the temperature change.
  • It helps to determine profit and loss.
  • It is used to derive many physics equations.
  • It is helpful to calculate speed and distance.


Integration is the reverse process of differentiation. It is used to find the volume, area and central points. The area under the curve of the given function can be easily computed using integration. The key concept involved in the integration is the “Integral”. Finding integral is the reverse process of finding the derivative. It is the collection of many small parts to make it whole. The symbol “∫” represents the integral. The integral can be classified into:

Definite Integral: If the integral has upper and lower bounds, then it is known as definite integral

Indefinite Integral: If the integral is not specified with upper and lower bounds, it is indefinite integral.

There are different methods of integrations, which helps to find the integral of a function. Some of the methods are integration by substitution, integration by parts, integration by partial fraction, etc.


  • Integration is used to find the area under the curve, and area between two curves.
  • It is used to find kinetic energy, the centre of mass, distance, velocity, etc.
  • It helps to find the average value of a function.
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5 Best International Schools in Noida: Check Reviews, Fees Structure, and Admission Procedure



If you’re parents or guardians to young children, you should look for an excellent school that can nourish and lead to the students’ overall development. You might want to look at CBSE schools in Noida that are recommended by parents in your circle or other people you know. Another thing to consider is the fee structure and admission process before selecting the right school for your child. 

By keeping these objectives in mind, we have devised a list of the best international schools in Noida. 

Let’s get started. 

Global Indian International School – Noida

GIIS (Global Indian International School) Noida is known for its educational superiority that has been validated by numerous international platforms. The school is located in Noida sector 71 on a 21st-century campus. 

GIIS is a big advocate of transparent fee structure and a straightforward admission procedure. That is why the fee structure for Noida school has three broad categories: registration, admission, and security fees. The school charges a mere INR 500 as the registration fee. Also, the transportation system of the school is excellent. 

The school utilises CBSE as a curricular framework to deliver learning for students in Grade 1-12 and the GMP Programme for kindergarten-level learning. Finally, when it comes to the parent reviews, GIIS has had an impeccable track record. 

More importantly, GIIS is one of the best international schools in Noida that can spearhead the child’s holistic development. The school uses technology and elaborate STEM-programmes to instil 21st-century skills. Moreover, it recognises the need for an individualised approach that complements the ‘no child left behind’ policy. 

Lotus Valley International School 

Established in 2004, Lotus Valley International School is placed on a 12+ acre campus. It is a K-12 school that uses the CBSE curriculum and can accommodate up to 2500 students. 

Lotus Valley School subscribes to elaborate core values to ensure the students’ growth and academic advancement. For instance, the school thrives on a structured pedagogy, interactive learning environment, tech-infused classrooms, etc. Their mantra for education is inculcating essential life skills so that students can function as productive members of the community. 

The online registration for the kindergarten level education costs INR 800. The admission process of Grade 1 and 2 depends on the child’s academic performance while Grade 3 – 12 is done via entrance exams. 

The Genesis Global School

Located in Noida sector 132, Genesis Global School was established in 2010, and the campus is sprawled over a massive land of 110k sq ft. The school steers educational innovation and the development of the students with tech-infused classrooms. 

It uses international curricula like International Baccalaureate and Cambridge Programme, along with the CBSE. However, GGS does not give the option to select the CBSE curriculum for primary and Grade 9-10 level education.  

For admission, you are required to fill the Online Admission Form (OAF) on the school’s website, which costs INR 700. The admission process commences on the last week of September, and you can gain additional information from the prospect (available to purchase on the school website) and the admission counsellor.

Amity International School

Amity International School is a K-12 school in Noida that was established in 1994. The school encourages learners to participate in extra and co-curricular areas as part of their holistic development pedagogy. Parents can find the application form on the school’s website for admission in nursery or kindergarten learning. Moreover, for classes above kindergarten, learners are required to participate in an admission test. 

Step by Step School – Noida

The campus of Step by Step School is sprawled over a 10-acre land and established in 1990. It is a K-12 school located in Noida Sector 132 that offers the CBSE, IGCSE, and IB curriculum. Parents can apply for admission on the website. The school has reasonably positive reviews from parents and guardians, so you can check out this school if it is of interest to you.

Noida is a major metropolitan city in India that is transforming the face of education for good. With many international schools in Noida being set up everyday, quality education has become a staple for children living in this city. 

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How Does the International Baccalaureate Program Differ From Other Boards, Curricula & Programs?



The International Baccalaureate (IB) program does more than other curricula in that it focuses on developing young students into knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and curious young people who are ready and motivated to succeed in academics and in life. The program seeks to create students who will help build a better society and a better world through intercultural respect and global understanding.

The IB program frameworks can effectively operate with national curricula at all ages, and more than 50 percent of all IB schools are funded by the government. The IB programs differ from other curricula since they help encourage critical thinking and the challenging of assumptions in students of all ages, develop independently of national and government systems, incorporate high-quality practice from research and the global community of IB schools, encourage students of all different ages to think about global and local contexts, and create multilingual students. Schools must be authorized to teach IB programs, and each school authorized to provide an IB program is called an IB World School.

A continuum of international education

The international baccalaureate program offers a continuum of international education with four different programs united by the philosophy of IB and its approaches to teaching and learning. The programs all promote both academic and personal achievement and challenge students to excel in their personal development and their academic studies.

Quality practice

IB programs incorporate high-quality practice from international and national research and the international baccalaureate program’s global community. The programs also encourage students to become globally-minded and think about everything in both a local and a global context within a hyper-connected and complex world.

Students learn how to learn

Students develop their own approaches to learning skills and the attributes of the IB learner profile throughout all of the different IB programs.

What is the IB learner profile? The IB learner profile delves into a wide range of human responsibilities and capabilities that extend beyond just academic success. They involve a commitment to help all members of the IB school community learn how to respect themselves, others, and the world around them. Each of the programs is dedicated to developing students according to the IB learner profile, which seeks to develop learners who are:

●        Inquirers. The program nurtures students’ curiosity and develops their inquiry and research skills. Students know how to learn with others and independently. They also learn with passion and maintain a love of learning throughout life.

●        Knowledgeable. The IB program also develops and uses conceptual understanding and knowledge across a diverse range of disciplines, engaging with ideas and issues that have both global and local significance.

●        Thinkers. The program encourages students to use critical and creative thinking skills to analyze and take responsible action on complex issues. Students learn how to take initiative in making ethical and reasonable decisions.

●        Communicators. Students learn how to express themselves confidently and creatively in multiple languages. They also collaborate effectively and listen to the perspectives of others.

●        Principled. Students act with integrity and honesty, as well as with a strong sense of justice and fairness.

●        Open-minded. Students appreciate their own cultures and histories, as well as the traditions and values of other cultures.

●        Caring. Students show compassion, respect, and empathy for others, and a commitment to service.

●        Risk-takers. Students approach uncertainty with determination and forethought.

●        Balanced. Students understand the importance of balancing the intellectual, physical, and emotional parts of their lives.

●        Reflective. Students consider the world and their own ideas and experience.

Students at Tokyo international school are also able to take responsibility for their own learning and learn how knowledge is constructed through the IB program’s unique theory of knowledge course, also known as TOK. Through this course, students are encouraged to test out different approaches to learning and to take responsibility for their own academic progress. The IB programs help students think critically, ask challenging questions, and develop research skills that will help them in higher education and in their careers. IB programs also encourage students to be active in their communities and take their learning beyond just academic study.

IB community video library

The IB community video library is available to help students and their community discover and share the IB experience. The video series introduces viewers to the international baccalaureate program’s global network of passionate and engaged learners, teachers, and educators. The IB Community series is available on both YouTube and Vimeo.

What is an IB education?

The International Baccalaureate Organization, also known as IB, provides four challenging and high-quality educational programs for a global community of schools that seeks to create a more peaceful world. The organization works with governments, schools, and international organizations to create challenging programs of rigorous assessment and international education. The programs help students around the globe become compassionate, active, and lifelong learners who understand that other people with different ideas, beliefs, and customs can also be right.

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The Difference Between Reading a Newspaper and Reading News on Social Media



There are a ton of things individuals need to do to be effective with their undertakings and accomplish their objectives. Perhaps the most significant is staying up with the latest with all that is going on the planet and how it might influence or profit your specific industry. Here you can recognize the contrasts between perusing a paper to get your data and perusing the news on an online media stage.

Yearly Report

First of all, perhaps the most alluring and helpful parts of computerized official statements is that you can peruse your news while downloading a yearly report or record that you may have to deal with during the day. This kind of performing various tasks is truly important for individuals who work in the palace and don’t have a free moment during the day.

Paper Messages

Individuals are accustomed to getting their messages on paper, and nothing remains at this point but to peruse what has been printed each day without having the option to take care of business. Probably the greatest advantage of utilizing web-based media to peruse your thelifetimenews is that most articles or news refreshes regularly have extremely helpful connections that let you find out about the point than you. were perusing. You can likewise go to related themes that you may be keen on to improve thought of the point, just as tune in to others’ opinion, talk about the news and offer it with the individuals who are on the subject don’t have the foggiest idea. Messages and offer your input as well. You need to peruse it with a paper and that is it.


Another vital thing that makes these two strategies for getting messages altogether different is that online media makes it exceptionally simple for you to impart applicable messages to others. Assume you have caught wind of a significant change in the securities exchange and need to give numerous individuals access your office think about it at the earliest opportunity. On the off chance that you just had one paper, you would need to call or hold on to meet them at work. With online media, this is no issue and you can without much of a stretch offer these posts with simply the press of a catch.

Visual Appearance

The visual appearance will likewise be totally different as papers are typically foggy with regards to pictures, regardless of whether they are in shading. When utilizing web-based media, you can have HD picture quality to give all you require to make revealing all the more remarkable and important. There is likewise the likelihood to record recordings appropriated free of charge by organizations, for example, YouTube.


At a certain point, individuals might have contended that the paper was simpler to heft around to peruse the news while heading to work or for lunch, however on account of advances in innovation we would now be able to convey all wellsprings of data. well known on cell phones and 24 hours per day. Get news day by day, 7 days every week from anyplace, as long as we have web access on the gadget. Utilizing online media likewise makes it simpler for individuals to speak with you. You can incorporate an email address or a contact structure that will send data straightforwardly to you the second individuals click that submit button. This is a vital contrast among print and advanced messages.

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