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Drifting in the Entertainment Industry with time.



Short inspirational stories

Nowadays we can observe a great transformation in the entertainment industry. With the upcoming of new talent and skills in the field of entertainment, the concept of fictional movies has changed into reality-based movies. If you are someone who loves to read short inspirational stories related to entertainment and the journey of the strugglers in this industry, you might be aware that most of the movies or series that are releasing in the present times are giving a hard competition to each other because most of them are eligible for winning awards. Like everything in the universe, the entertainment industry has emerged, evolved, transformed, flourished, and developing with every generation. 

We being an audience expect a lot from the entertainment industry because somehow all get influenced or inspired by the plot of any movie or series. The main motive of development and transformation in the entertainment industry is to meet all the expectations you have made from them. This has only become possible because of the emergence of the most talented and versatile male and female actors in this world of entertainment. 

Every time the entire crew behind any production focuses more on making the movies or series as realistic as possible. The more realistic a movie will be the more number of the audience could relate to the movie. Because of the give-and-take relationship between this industry and the audience this industry is one of the most popular industries of all time. 

Early Phase of the Entertainment Industry

Earlier when there was no source of entertainment, people used to completely rely on the movies that used to release after a long time, and when people used to gather for one single movie. Because of the fact that this was the only source of entertainment the industry had a monopoly over the human brains. People didn’t have options to choose from. Whatever has been shown in the movies people used to watch that with full enthusiasm. No doubt the movies were absolutely amazing at those times, but the concept of the movies was not based on any specific genres or according to human preferences. 

But as the decades passed away and when the people started having options from their living choices to technological preferences the industry realized that people should not depend upon movies but the movies should be based on human preferences and selective genres. With the boom in technology, this industry started having its reach to the entire globe and started changing the concept of binding the movies into the same framework every time. Technology has played one of the major roles in uplifting this industry. 

The Cotemporary Period in the Entertainment Industry 

When the talented youth with plentiful skills inside them used to read the true motivational stories latest entertainment articles they started enrolling themselves in this industry and showcased their unique skills to the world. Movies and series were started categorized into different genres like- comedy, horror, thriller, narrative, fiction, melodrama, etc. The respect for human preferences was always taken care of by this industry ever since it has started categorizing and producing movies according to different genres. 

The production team started releasing trailers and casts of movies and series so that people can decide whether it suits their requirements or not. With the emergence of newspapers, social media,  magazines, and other platforms offered by the mass communication system we can review and give feedback to any movie. 

This process is been done to make the industry aware of the type of people in society and what are their expectations. With every generation, the expectations of the people changes and that are why they hire the youth skills who understand the expectation of the people keeping him in their place and can act so real that can touch the hearts of everyone. 


The bottom line is, because of all the efforts, this industry has given to take care of all our needs that is why it has achieved the most desirable place in everyone’s life. Due to the easy access to everything via smartphones and the internet, we are able to watch all our favorite genres anywhere at any time. Movies and series influence, inspire, motivates, and gives us detailed knowledge about everything that we were not aware of.

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Music Pandit – Unleash Your Passion for Music



Did you know that it is never too late to follow your passions? Many people give up on their dreams because they think that they’re too old to learn something new. This is the biggest lie in the world. You are NEVER too old to learn something new – especially when that “something new” is related to the field of music.

Learn Music Online with MusicPandit

You can look up a music school in your vicinity, of course, but if you are stuck at home – then it is a better idea to utilize the services of an online platform like MusicPandit. It is an amazing site where you can learn a lot of music courses in a holistic way. MusicPandit excels at imparting the concepts in a comprehensive way.

This means that you will be able to keep learning new things even after you are done with the course. It will tackle all of the fundamentals and the advanced topics in the best way possible. They also have a feedback system which will help you to better yourself. Here are some of the most amazing and thorough music courses that you can learn on the MusicPandit website.

1. Keyboard Course: The keyboard is one of the most versatile instruments in the world and can be applied in a lot of situations. If you want to learn the keyboard properly, then MusicPandit is definitely the best option at your disposal. Like the guitar course, the keyboard course is also going to cover all of the basics first.

During this course, you will be able to play scales, arpeggios, chords and much more. You will also learn how to read sheet music properly, which is very important for the keyboard. With enough practice, you will be able to play over a 100 songs by the end of this course. This course is taught by the pianist Lionel D’Mello.

Apart from the keyboard course, MusicPandit offers a host of other music courses as well. They are as follows: 

2. Guitar Course: The guitar course is one of the most fundamental beginner courses that you can find anywhere in the country. It will teach you the basic concepts first, so that you are 100% familiar with chords, sheet music reading, tabs and more. The course will also help you to pick up rhythms and perfect all your strumming patterns.

This course is taught by someone named Sherin Winstent and by the end of it, you will be able to play over a 100 songs of your choice. Students can choose between two variations – English songs and Bollywood songs. The course is also supplemented with quizzes, tests, one-on-one feedback, practice routines, etc. so that you can pick guitar up properly.

3. Piano: If you are passionate about one of the most beautiful instruments in the world, then this course will be perfect for you. This course is taught by pianist Lionel D’Mello and will cover a lot of topics properly. There is a large focus on musical theory in the piano course, which is a very important area to understand.

You will also be able to improve your playing by picking up basic and advanced techniques – such as arpeggios, chords, progressions and more. You will also practice by playing classical pieces – which are soulful and require a lot of technical brilliance. Last but not least, this course will also prepare you to start making and playing melodies of your own!

4. Hindustani Vocal Classes: Hindustani music is the bedrock of the rich cultural history of India. It is also one of the toughest schools of music and requires an expert teacher and a lot of dedication on your part. The Hindustani vocals course at MusicPandit is taught by Ranit Mandal – an instructor with a visharad under Guruji Pradip Paul.

The course is split into three stages – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each stage is further divided into 12 modules each. The modules are designed and paced in such a way that you will be able to steadily build up your expertise as you go along. The course also comes with proper ear training, instrument training and loads of practice patterns.

This course will teach you all of the basic and advanced techniques required for Hindustani vocals. You will start out with breathing exercises, riyaaz, swar training, vocal improvisation, alaaps, raagas and more. This course will prepare you to perform Hindustani music with alacrity and confidence. At the end of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion as well.

5. Western Vocal Classes: If you are interested in learning Western vocals, then this MusicPandit course is going to be just perfect for you. Just like Hindustani vocals, Western vocals also require a lot of technical knowledge to perfect. This Western Vocals course is taught by Serah John, who is very well-versed with the technical knowhow of contemporary singing.

Just like the Hindustani vocals course, this course is divided into three stages of a total of 36 modules. Each stage is divided into 12 modules – which are divided between theoretical classes, practical classes, ear training, vibrato, etc. There are also quizzes and assessments at the end of each module. The course has a perfect mix of theory and application.

Some of the technical skills that this course will teach you included breathing exercises, aural exercises, vibrato, pitching, vocal distortion, etc. You will also learn how to maintain your vocal health and take care of your throat and lungs. At the same time, you will also learn how to read and write sheet music, compose, understand music theory and more.

These are the main courses that you can learn if you take on a lifetime or one-time access membership at MusicPandit. Upon completion, you will receive certificates from MusicPandit directly. You can also choose to get a certificate from Rockschool UK, which is an organization that offers graded exams on music and musical theory. Apart from the certification, MusicPandit offers you a way to delve into your passions and take a chance to explore your interests.

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Online Event Industry Trends You Need to Watch Out For in 2021



2020 was a year of roller coaster ride for the event industry. The event industry trends predicted for the year came to hail with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. The major transformation in the ways of hosting events took hold, unfortunately, due to the global pandemic. Covid-19 has been the catalyst for the sudden transformation of events. With time, hosting virtual events became new normal. As the event industry adopted the new trends to get going with the imposed restrictions, the percentage of virtual events accelerated. The trends that were accepted to thrive the entire year were pushed back. 

Finally, the relaxing news of COVID-19 vaccinations is making noise around the world. But one thing is for sure, even after the world recovers from the pandemic, things will never be the same as in the pre-COVID era. 

In this post, we have thrown light on the event industry trends that are anticipated to rule 2021 like a boss. Here are some online event industry trends you need to watch out for in 2021:

Event trends for 2021

  1. Virtual Events are on the rise and is here to stay for long

The transition of live physical events into virtual venues has been witnessed in the whole of 2020. Although the reason is not fortunate. Even though virtual events were in existence for long and many large-scale organisations were benefiting from the same. With the advent of COVID-19 virtual events have become a new normal. As it was the only option left, to keep the boat sailing. Organisations that never thought about going digital, leveraged virtual event technology to keep going. It is predicted, the trend will continue to proliferate in 2021 with digital being the major part of the event planning strategy. The two main reasons for these predictions are:

Firstly, the rolling out of the COVID-19 vaccination will take time. The list will be made considering the various factors such as profession, age, and so on. People would not take the risk of attending large social gatherings so early.  

Secondly, people are now familiar with the benefits offered by virtual events and their usability. Virtual events offered value to the organisations thus resulting in amplified lead generation and revenues. Organisations that have a global presence or target a global audience will continue to host virtual events. Even small scale organisations that were benefited from online ways of hosting events will leverage virtual events for 2021 & beyond. 

  1. Hybrid events will rule 2021

With the uplift from lockdown restrictions, hybrid events came to play. It is a perfect amalgamation of live physical event components with the digital counterparts of virtual events. A large number of attendees partake in brainstorming sessions virtually from the comfort of their own spaces. Whereas a small gathering of attendees attends an event by visiting the on-site location. 

As we move ahead with time, it has been anticipated that majorly industries will adopt hybrid events as a new normal. As it replicates the essence of face-to-face interactions and holds the merits of virtual events. 

Hybrid events are accessed by a diverse set of attendees globally thus making them inclusive. The major challenge that lies within hybrid events is attendee engagement. It requires engaging both sets of attendees without making them feel ignored to deliver a successful hybrid event.

Hybrid events enable in-person as well as virtual attendees to navigate through the event lounge physically as well as virtually. The ongoing sessions accessed by on-ground attendees are accessed by virtual attendees as well at the same time via their devices. Hybrid events are on the rise and it is anticipated to be in trend for 2021. 

  1. Major innovations are likely to take place with virtual hybrid events

By now, everyone is familiar with the virtual hybrid event format. Major innovations are likely to take place to make it exciting in 2021. Advancements in technology make it possible to take the events to precipitous heights. Various gamification models are likely to encompass virtual hybrid events in the coming years to boost audience engagement. Apart from it, various features such as AI-powered matchmaking, virtual networking tables, etc. came into play to translate live physical events into virtual ones with a minute of details. Many such features that unravel the best elements of physical events into the virtual world are likely to be foreseen in the coming years.

  1. A step towards consolidated data privacy and security

Virtual hybrid events enable organisers to track every digital attendee move and KPIs. It helps in attracting sponsors and exhibitors by offering them brilliant sponsorship opportunities and the ability to tap a wide spectrum of attendees globally. But with virtual events, data privacy remains the topmost concern of consumers that makes them skeptical about sharing their data. The risk of hacking and data breaching prevails in the mind of virtual attendees. Today, with virtual hybrid events, the data shared during the event holds the utmost value. Innovations in terms of data privacy are likely to take place in 2021. More transparency between brands and consumers and adherence to strict data protection policies are likely to emerge in 2021. 

  1. Priority to health safety protocols

Undoubtedly, safety is the major criteria that attendees will evaluate before being a part of a live or hybrid event. In 2021, major emphasis will be laid on health safety measures during hybrid or live events. Today, safety measures are the major components that attendees will look for before attending an in-person event. Even after post-pandemic safety measures will always be taken by organisers while planning any live or physical event. Some of the common measures that are likely to be taken by event planners in 2021 for hybrid events are:

  • Social distancing with indoor events 
  • Distanced sitting arrangements
  • Masks on for the entire event
  • Proper ventilation and sanitization
  • No touch technology
  • Special Kits, gloves, shoe wrappers, etc.
  • Staggered time for meals
  • Sanitization at regular intervals
  1. Sustainability will gain momentum

Virtual hybrid events have shown a commendable positive impact on the environment during the lockdown. Sustainability is expected to gain momentum in 2021. It is anticipated attendees will continue to leverage event formats that are eco-friendly and have a positive impact on mother nature. Sustainability will take the center seat while planning virtual hybrid events for 2021.


2021 holds a lot of uncertainty. What the future withhold is still unknown. With the pleasing news of the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out, the ways how events will move forward is still a question. The way how events were hosted has been completely transformed last year. Brands that leveraged virtual hybrid event technology shined out. In this post, we have accumulated the major event industry trends that are predicted to be foreseen in 2021. Hope it will help you out!

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Eid Ul Fitr 2021 Date In Pakistan




The Shawwal sickle is required to be located in the Tumor zone of Saudi Arabia on the day of 12 May. Eid ul Fitr 2021 date in Pakistan may start on Wednesday 12 May 2021 in those locales utilizing the Islamic State, while Eid Ul Fitr’s date in 2021 In Pakistan. 

For states who don’t adhere to the Western date, Eid Ul Fitr is probably going almost certainly to be on Wednesday 12 May 2021. 

The occasion praises the completion of this 29 or 30 days of first light to-dusk fasting all through the entire month of Ramadan. 

When is Eid Ul Fitr 2021 In Pakistan? 

As the current date of Eid is dependent upon the locating of the moon. Yet, there can be varieties in the exact date praised across the globe—the assertion of these particular dates of Eid Ul Fitr.

Fitr In 2021 In Pakistan

It May well not occur until close to the start of Ramadan. 

Keep up current with the Eid ul Fitr people group occasions with your day-by-day life everyday control. 

Customs of Eid Ul Fitr 2021 In Pakistan 

‘Sawm,’ that is the custom of fasting during the blessed month of Ramadan, is only one of those five mainstays of Islam. Muslims believe that it had been all through the whole month of Ramadan that the composed content from the Qur’an has appeared to the Prophet Muhammad. 

There’s no discernible call to supplication to your Eid petitions. The petitions are followed intently by a lesson, where the imam needs absolution, benevolence, and harmony for all being around the entire world. 

Extra fundamental parts of these Eid parties are giving cash to needy individuals (alluded to as Zakat al-Fitr’, the all-out be granted is reliant upon the belongings somebody has), sending Eid welcome alongside devouring alongside families. 

For a few Muslims, Eid ul Fitr 2021 In Pak can be only a celebration indicating appreciation to Allah for that help and strength he gave them all through the whole month of Ramadan to help them center restraint. 

Muslims’ term generally utilized as a welcome card with this evening is”Eid Mubarak,” which is Arabic for’ fortunate celebration.’ The right response to Eid Mubarak is”Khair Mubarak,” which needs goodness on the man or lady that has invited you. 

The absolute first Eid ul Fitr was praised in 624 CE by the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his accomplices after his achievement in the battle of Jang-e-Badar, a defining moment in Muhammad’s experience difficulty with his rivalries one of the Quraish in Mecca all through at the beginning of Islam. 

Eid ul Fitr in 2021 In Pak may likewise be called’ Feast of this Lesser Bairam, Bairam being a Turkic word for the occasion. It may seem odd that the term lower can be utilized for this sort of broadly commended celebration related to how the more prominent Bairam’ is Eid al-Adha and the other astonishing Islamic festival that is respected because the holier of their 2. 

Eid ul Fitr Traditions at Pakistan 

A specific fix associated with this particular celebration in Pakistan is right now Sheer Korma, which can be cooked in sugar and milk, and sprinkled with almonds and pistachios, just as likewise dates. This dish has been served on the evening of Eid after the Eid petition like morning feast, additionally through the whole evening to some seeing visitors. 

In Pakistan, individuals occasions for Eid ul-Fitr in 2021 In Pakistan will proceed for three days.

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