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13 Educational Apps And Tools For Teachers And Students

Find out everything about the academic tools and apps that teachers and students can utilise. Learn about their interesting features and how that’s beneficial.



The breakneck speed with which the education section is evolving makes it difficult to keep pace. One simple search on the search engines will show you countless new tools, apps and resources that benefit both the teachers and the students.

This arises a lot of confusion about which apps and tools are seriously helpful and which aren’t. Ultimately, the goal is to find resources that help the teachers enhance the process of learning and contribute to the success of the students. The following are some handpicked resources that both teachers and students would find suitable.

1. Elink

Both students and teachers will find Elink useful for curating and sharing content and make learning fun and interactive. Teachers can create lesson plans, provide book recommendations, resource pages, faculty updates, and more with this handy resource.

The resource also helps teachers find the best content on the web and present it in a visual format for better learning. It’s also the only platform that lets students curate information from around the web and turns it into beautiful shareable content in minutes.

Source: Elink

2. Citation Generator by 

This resource will simplify the citation process for students to a great extent. This advanced referencing generator tool supports different citation styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver, ASA, APSA, etc. The resource provides accurate results keeping the citation guidelines in mind.

The software is incredibly simple to use, you just need to enter the source details, and the tool automatically generates the results. This makes the tool extremely convenient for students.


3. Socrative

Socrative allows you to assess learners through different activities or by asking questions to get an insight into how well the material is understood. It can be utilised for competition among students, but it features significantly more sophisticated quizzing and reporting capabilities. It also comes with a feature for creating multiple virtual “rooms” where students can participate in group activities.

Socrative presents both the free and the pro version. The pro version unlocks more features.

Source: Socrative

4. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha has got all the answers related to mathematics. You just need to type in a math problem, or formula, and Wolfram Alpha gives you the answer, and it also tells you how the answer was derived.

It’s a must-have app for students to have an in-depth understanding of math or science. In fact, this app is great to learn any subject. This app can help you discover trends and implement ideas with a simple click.

Source: Wolfram Alpha

5. iStudiez Pro 

The app allows students to track their assignment deadlines, schedules, and grades all in one place. Not sure when your Chemistry homework is due or when your next test is? Find everything listed on the iStudiez app.

After you input the dates and information as you go along, this app will keep reminding you. In fact, you can integrate the app’s calendar to other calendar apps, like Google Calendar.

Source: iStudiezpro

6. University of the people 

It’s a non-profit, tuition-free, online academic institution that provides easy access to undergraduate degree programs in computer science and business administration.

It maintains ties with premier institutions like NYU, Yale, Hewlett-Packard, and the Catalyst Initiative to present students with opportunities for research, further study, and internships. While the site emphasises on helping students from nearly 130 different nations, have found this resource useful. Even though the tuition is free, but you still have to apply for the courses.

Source: University of the people

7. ClassDojo

It’s a tool to improve student behaviour. Through this resource, teachers provide their students with instant feedback so that good disposition in class is rewarded with points. This way, students are able to develop a more welcoming attitude towards the learning process.

ClassDojo offers real-time notifications to students. The information that’s is collected about the behaviour of the student can be shared with parents and administrators through the web later as well.

Source: ClassDojo

8. Edmodo

It’s an educational tool that connects teachers and students and is used as a social network. Teachers can create collaborative groups, administer and circulate educational materials, assess students’ performance, and communicate with parents, among other features.

Edmodo boasts of more than 34 million users who contribute to a learning process that’s more personalised, enriching and aligned with the opportunities brought by technology.

Source: Edmodo

9. Storybird

This tool can be used to promote writing and reading skills in students through storytelling. Teachers can create interactive and artistic stories online through a simple and easy to use interface of this app. The stories created can also be embedded in blogs, sent by email, and printed, among other options.

With the help of Storybird, teachers can also create projects with students, provide constant feedback, and manage classes and grades.

Source: Storybird

10.  Padlet

It’s a web app that lets students and teachers include post-it notes to digital bulletin boards. Padlet presents the ease of a sticky note to your PCs and laptop. Users can incorporate any link, images, music, videos, or anything they want to add to the virtual wall. 

Students can also provide their own resources like class notes or assignments. They have the option to keep their boards private or can share it with their classmates for a group project. 

Source: Padlet

11.  Scitable 

Scitable is an online collaborative space for learning science. Visitors to the website can browse or search through different articles and ebooks on science. They can ask the experts various questions related to different areas of science, start an online classroom, or even share their own content.

Materials on the site particularly emphasise on the life sciences, but there are also multiple resources that allow learners to start or accelerate a career in science.

Source: Scitable

12.  My Script Calculator 

If you’re someone who misses the feel of pen and paper amidst the digital alternatives, this is the app for you. With the help of My Script Calculator, you can solve mathematical equations by hand on your phone or tablet. Instead of using a traditional calculator, performing equations by hand will allow you to learn and remember formulas more conveniently.

My Script will recognise your handwriting and help you to learn math right from the simplest to the most complex equations.

Source: My Script Calculator

13.  RealWorldMath

RealWorldMath utilises tools like Google Earth to help you decipher the tricky subject of mathematics in a new light. The resource helps develop a better understanding of concepts and how they are relevant to your everyday lives as it creates interactive lessons and 3D videos for students.

The tool comes with over 30 downloadable activities, instructional tutorials, and videos for Google Earth for fourth graders and higher. 

Source: RealWorldMath

Wrapping it up,

These apps and tools make sure that the learning process in the digital age is absolutely fulfilling for students and teachers alike. These tools make imparting and gaining knowledge enjoyable and fun.

Author bio: Henry Howkins is a guest lecturer for an esteemed university in Australia. Howkins has pursued his PhD in Ancient History from Murdoch University. He has moderated many academic seminars and conventions in his career. He is associated with MyAssignmenthelp & Essaygator, where he offers essay help. In her free time, Twyla loves to trek across the countryside.


How to start an assignment



Many students will agree that understanding the techniques to start an assignment is already easing the writing process because this helps produce the picture for writing and build an outline. No matter what type of assignment the student wants, the primary goal is: to grab the reader’s attention, present the research topic, give a powerful thesis. Java Homework Help Any challenges faced in undergraduate life will often require a particular framework. Still, once a student recognizes each academic writing aspect’s value individually, the essay’s structure will no longer appear daunting. Still, before drawing up an outline, students can start choosing a great concept that will help them decide on a type of essay, source, volume, and argument style. Below we have listed the methods and tips that help you to start your assignment.

Tackle the most enjoyable parts first. 

Look at your task and explore the steps you’re going to take to finish it. Pick the most interesting and personally fascinating moves and focus on them first. By completing your task’s aspects that you want the best, you would be more likely to get started and see the benefits of working rather than procrastinating.

  • For instance, You may want to research parts of the report that you find most important before heading to other areas.

If your mathematics assignment has various kinds of questions, consider doing the ones you like the most before going on to the others. You may also want to come to terms with smaller or simpler activities first so that you can mark a few things off your list. Finding that you’ve already made progress will make you feel inspired to continue.

Start working for five minutes. 

The best challenge to tackle procrastination is always to take the first step. To help you get started, make it a priority to start working and work for five minutes. Doing this would allow you to take the first and most challenging move, helping you to gain confidence and see the assignment as a much simpler challenge than you would have initially imagined.

  • Assure that you will achieve your target of working on the task for 5 minutes.
  • When you get started, you might realize that you don’t want to quit working. Otherwise, you could relax a bit and head back to the task, understanding that you’re at least five minutes nearer to completing than you were before.

Break up your time. 

Looking at your assignment as one huge task will make it seem more overwhelming. The same thing happens when you check the time. It’s going to take a strong block. Rather, try to divide the job into manageable chunks that are easier to handle.

  • Start by setting a fair timeframe that you realize you will follow. E.g., on a Friday, you might set aside two hours to contribute yourself to your assignment. If you don’t have too much time at once, try to cut out a couple of 20-or 30-minute frames.
  • You may or may not want to resume working after the time limit has expired.
  • Get a decent understanding of how easily you can write and prepare your schedule accordingly.

Get started. 

Again, getting started will always be the toughest part of the process, but you can’t do much unless you sit down and do it. So stop cleaning, avoid emailing, quit creating lists, stop stressing or thinking about the task, or feel guilty you haven’t begun. Only get to start working on it.

Be sure you understand your assignment. 

A person needs to read and understand the assignment completely to restructure your assignment strongly. Although it will sound easy, a proper understanding of the task would help you break down the assignment and efficiently fulfill the specifications. There is also be an important way to get you working on your assignment and tackle procrastination.

  • If you are not sure that you understand the assignment, make sure to rewrite it in your language or describe it to anyone else. If you can’t figure out or have several issues, you may need more details.
  • It would benefit if you had an outline of the assignment, grasped the key challenge, and understand the functional and thematic specifications.
  • Try to search for essential words in instructions to grasp the assignment. These terms can include describing, illustrating, referencing, relating to, or proving.
  • Have your readers in mind and compose a paper that will deliver the best information to them.

Make sure your goals are manageable. 

Many assignments can sound like too much work when seen as a whole. Looking at the task in this manner will make it seem overwhelming and impossible to finish, resulting in procrastination. So make sure to split the task down into manageable targets that you feel you can reach to make things look more achievable right now.


Here in this blog, we have described the best ways to start the assignment. These tips and tricks are very beneficial for a student. With the help of this students can properly understand the way to begin their assignment.

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How Digital Marketing Can Help Grow a Business



To choose between traditional or digital marketing is a confusing task for small and medium-sized businesses. With a limited marketing budget, it becomes difficult for every medium and small business to select between digital and traditional. In the end, most of the businesses choose traditional marketing due to the lack of availability of the right tools to calculate ROI of digital.

Choosing the right marketing mix is not a simple task. A person must answer so many questions like which channel will help me attain the best ROI? How will I know whether it is working or not? Should Is it better to do it myself or outsource it? The answers to these questions are more confusing than the question. To get the certification you may join Digital marketing courses.

Online marketing is the key to assisting your business to grow and expand, but many executives and business owners are unaware of where to go once they hit a business scale or do not have sufficient time/manpower to utilize the internet to their benefit. There are different methods in which online marketing strategies can assist you to connect with new and current customers, create more leads, and sell your products and services effectively.

Traditional marketing has its benefits, and most business owners are aware of it. They have used it and they are aware of the results too. Moving from traditional to digital is a huge task. This not only involves developing and measuring campaigns differently but changing the entire mindset. People know that the entire world is on mobile now and people spend at least 4 hours a day on it, still they follow billboards. There are so many reasons for a small and medium business to choose digital marketing?  Here are a few points that explain how digital marketing can help grow a business.

How does Digital Marketing Help Businesses Grow?

Below, we are discussing various reasons why you should use online marketing to enhance your brand visibility, attract new customers consistently, and finally grow your business.

  • You attain the opportunity to create more and more consistent branding- Digital Marketing presents a special opportunity for businesses to develop a consistent brand. From showing your name, logo, and slogan across various social media platforms to creating a site with expert graphics, the internet bridges the gap for popular brands and small businesses alike.
  • Cost-effectiveness- One of the common problems that small and local businesses face when it comes to marketing is budget, which is limited at best. With various traditional marketing channels like print and TV charge quite high for advertising, local businesses tend to have a difficult time struggling hard with big companies for ad space- and grab the attention of customers.

However, with the cost-effectiveness of online marketing platforms like social media, your local businesses must be able to reach a similar number of people at a fraction of the cost. This means the products and services of your local business get marketed to people, and there is no need to spend money for doing it.

  • Digital Marketing can track every pound spent with correct ROI- If we consider a website as the heart, then analytics is the Head of Digital Marketing. Different forms of traditional marketing make it difficult to point out relevant data and ROI, and thus what works and what does not for your business.

Analytics tools offer sophisticated data that is measurable and analyzed with tools like Google Analytics. This data can show which strategy is most cost-effective for your spending, and which is offering the highest revenue, sales, ROI, leads, and much more. Data can be used to find weaknesses in your site or marketing which can be addressed through A/B testing of new and different ideas.

  • You can grow your customer outreach- One of the significant ways in which digital marketing helps businesses is consumer interaction and achievement. In the digital world, consumers expect to be engaged with the customers they love in a meaningful manner. From answering customer complaints and queries on social media to establishing your business as a professional in a specific niche, relationships are an important element in successful digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing is more effective and affordable compared to traditional marketing- When looking at how digital marketing helps businesses reach their objectives, it is significant to consider the role of paid ads. While traditional ad mediums, like print and television advertising, once ruled the world of advertising, online mediums have raised the bar for what businesses expect regarding their ROI.

Online marketing provides certain metrics that can be checked and tracked to ensure the best performance, while the numbers for radio, print, and television ads are generally less precise. Due to this competition, online marketing is more affordable compared to traditional mediums and is available even to businesses with small to imaginary marketing budgets. You may also check best Digital Marketing online courses.

To consider the value of your marketing efforts, there are many free tools, like Google Analytics, that make it simpler for you to calculate just how effective your online marketing and advertising have been.

  • You can use search rankings to get found by more prospective consumers- In the digital world, most people find the products and services they are searching for through search engines like Google. Without a leading search engine ranking, your business will miss out on new customers and leads alike. Digital marketing lets you enhance your business website and sales, by making your business more open and visible to a wide range of customers who are searching for products and services in your industry.  It is easy to see how online marketing helps businesses connect with their customers. Whether you are a small business offering local products and services, or you are looking for a method to reach customers on a restricted budget, digital marketing can help you meet your business objectives.
  • The Mobile Benefit- The number of mobile users has long outnumbered those of desktop users, and the difference will grow significantly with time. To grow your local business, you must reach the mobile population who prefer online for searching things that they want to buy in a specific location and do their purchasing exclusively on their mobile.

If you make your site mobile-friendly, you will have an online marketing tool that can reach billions of mobile users at your clearance. Keep in mind, websites that are not mobile-friendly do not display well and are difficult to navigate on tablets and smartphones. Mobile users have no regrets about dropping your site if they find navigating on their mobile time-consuming and bothersome.

These are some of the ways online marketing can help your local business on the road to earning more leads, revenue, and conversion. Results might not be instant, but online marketing, when done correctly, can take your local business to next level.

Online marketing helps your business use strategy and techniques that will not just attract more traffic to your business but quality traffic which will engage and convert also more. It does not mean that traditional marketing is not important for medium and small-sized businesses, but they should start adopting digital marketing also. Going digital will bring higher growth and revenues. Marketing is all about targeting the right customer with the right message. Digital marketing helps you to do exactly this.

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Basic Reasons To Learn Data Structures And Algorithms



The significance of studying data structures and algorithms is frequently devalued by computer science graduates because they find it as complex, insignificant, or a waste of effort. However, as they join the real-word for work searching, they soon get a reality check from Big businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft, or Google or also ask algorithm and data structure-related questions to verify the problem-solving skills of the contestants.

For computer science students, whether they wish to progress their futures and gain high-paying positions in the programming community, both principles are incredibly important to understand. We assess the relevance of mastering data structures and algorithms for technology applicants in this blog and also take data science assignment help.

What is a Data Structure?

The data structure is a systematic arrangement of data in machines to utilize it more efficiently in easy terms. It is a combination of data objects that enables collecting, ordering, and recovering data on systems. Most of the data structures are invigorated from real-life situations. For example, have you been called by your parents for not being able to get a special outfit in your messy closet? Yes, right? Your parents advise keeping your clothes systematically so in future you want something you can quickly pick it up.

You need to organize and keep your clothes (data) in such a system in this scenario that you don’t have to bother much when looking for a specific object. Without even understanding it, we use data models in our daily lives. We apply multiple arrangement methods in the programming world, called data structures, from our phone contacts, book piles to arranging structures or to-do lists. The layout of data offers the correct way to arrange information in the digital environment.

A core aspect of computer science is the data structure, which is largely found in AI, OS, graphics, etc.

What is an Algorithm?

An algorithm consists of a series of methods used to finish or get the required output from a given task. It is like creating programming blocks that enable smartphones, computers, or websites to work and make decisions smoothly. A collaborative type of algorithm communicating what to do is each code written by a programmer. Well-defined methods that help computers fix issues are algorithms. Let’s take a basic GPS case. GPS uses an algorithm to look for several available routes as you search for a venue. GPS uses a separate algorithm based on collective knowledge to validate the actual traffic. It offers you the best route possible. In the GPS code, these algorithms are built-in. So, if there is any mistake in the coding of the GPS, it would not operate properly, thereby giving the wrong path. Computer systems use algorithms even more efficiently than people to measure things.

Why learn Data structure and Algorithms?

Below we have listed some of the important reasons which makes it necessary to learn Data structure and algorithms:

  • Thorough knowledge of data structures combined with algorithms is the essential foundation of writing valid codes. It diminishes coding costs & improves data efficiency, which is the final purpose of companies.
  • To get wages as big as Google and Amazon and developers, you have to develop your problem-solving techniques by learning data algorithms and structures.
  • If you desire to make bug-free results in coding, it is necessary to excel in these ideas.
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms is also advantageous for a more solid knowledge of new frameworks such as Angular, Vue, React, Spring MVC, etc.
  • When one gets a presentation to a diverse range of problem-solving methods, it encourages you to take up the next problem easily.
  • Programmers skilled in algorithms and data structures can efficiently complete the tasks associated with data processing, calculations, or automated reasoning.
  • Data structure and algorithms are essential for developers to determine their problem-solving skills amongst prospective employers. Thus, increases the possibilities of getting the work.
  • The variety of data structure & algorithms can make a massive distinction between a program running in less time to a longer time. You can only get an excellent option if you have that level of premier information on data structures and algorithms.


In this blog, we have listed some basic reasons to learn data structure and algorithms. As long as programming & coding continues to develop, the technology can only get stronger at what it does. Therefore, for the operation of technology, the value of algorithms and data structures will remain constant, understanding what they do & how they do it. Ideally, over the process of their education, all CS students need to study data structures and algorithms, but colleges and universities ignore these subjects. So, when enlisting in a technology upskill scheme, the only source of understanding these principles is. You are on the correct forum if you want to expand your understanding of algorithms and data structures.

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